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I am thinking of changing the colour of my car from green to Met Black.

* What do i do legally?

* How does it effect my insurance?

* Would this be classed as a Modifation with regards to my insurance even though the log book will state the new colour?

* Will the insurance price sky rocket?

I was thinking that if i change the colour and then notify the DVLA who change the colour on the log book. That would be it.. is that correct?


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    Will be a modification if the colour is not standard on that car and would affect the cost of repairs in the event of an accident so expect the price to rise - you could just give them a call and ask first.

    You have to amend and send off the log book (V5C) to the DVLA - not to do so would be a minor criminal matter. Nothing else apart from telling your insurers.

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    it will set u back like 10k

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