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英文片語 all the same

英文 phrase " all the same 還是,依然 "

我想問同 nevertheless 的用法一樣嗎?

還是跟 however 的用法一樣?



第 2 位朋友的解答非常詳盡, 不過請容許我再講清楚一下個問題啦。

根據我之前響yahoo知識內問人 however 同 nevetheless 用法上有咩不同

得出的結果是Nevertheless 有和議的意味,即後面的意思會附和前一句意思,又可以說是補充。However則是"但是",即後一句跟前一句會有不同或相反的意見。

我想問 all the same的用法是同 however 一樣還是同 nevertheless 一樣?

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    All the same or just the same means "in spite of this" (儘管如此 ... 依然)


    He is not very reliable, but I like him all/just he same.

    "will you stay for lunch?" "No, but thanks all the same."

    我想問同 nevertheless 的用法一樣嗎?

    Nevertheless is synonymous with all the same. (跟 all the same 意思上很接近)

    Nevertheless means "in spite of something you have just mentioned."

    Nevertheless can be placed in the front of a sentence but it is rare to begin a sentence with all the same.


    Our defeat was expected but it is disappointing nevertheless.

    Our effort will make little difference to the outcome. Nevertheless, it is important that we try.

    Our effort will make little difference to the outcome, but we try it all the same.

    還是跟 however 的用法一樣?

    However is used to introduce a statement that contrasts with something that has just been said.

    However 用出來引出兩句的對比。

    Note that you cannot use However in a sentence that begins with Although, Though, or Even though.

    (句子用了 Although 就不能再用 however 囉)


    We thought the figures were correct. However, we have now discovered some errors. (introduce a contrast here)

    He was feeling bad. He went to work, however, and tried to concentrate. (more like nevertheless)

    All the same, nevertheless, however 的用法和意思都很接近,都帶有對比、少許意外的味道,用字的取捨要視乎意思而定。

    2009-10-20 23:57:14 補充:

    However 用於強調與前句的對比,Nevertheless 亦有對比前句,不過重點不在比較而是強調前句所講的情況並不是一個 forbidding factor, 阻難因素。

    all the same 的意思與 nevertheless 接近,而不是 however。

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