help!!!!!Lyric meaning!!!

can someone help me to find the meaning for the songs "everything gonna be alright"

Or "cinderella" from sweetbox


really need it

english plz..



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    Well, this is how I see it, hope this can help you somehow.

    Have a Gorgeous Day ! :-)

    Everything's gonna be alright --- Despite of all the troubles between this couple, everything will be alright, or well, that's what the singer says cos he/she still got the hope and the faith that despite of the separation there will be a day when they will get back together and live their lifes together as one.

    Cinderella --- A girl who is kinda sad cos she can't find her Prince Charming after all those losers she has dated, she's kinda losing her faith and well, asking herself if that Prince Charming will reaaally come to her side to finally live Happily Ever After.

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