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If there was a Natural Disaster...?

If a natural disaster occurred in your country like Hurricane Katrina in 2005 for example & you were forced to leave your pets behind by the government & authorities, would you abandon your pets in the house & leave lots of food & water for them that will be able to last long enough till you're allowed to go back & retrieve them OR would you let them run loose to look for their own food & to basically fend themselves OR would you ignore the authorities & stay behind with your pets till someone rescues you & your pets?

What would you do?

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    I would do exactly what a TON of people did during Katrina. I would stay with my pets till we were rescued. The government totally mishandled Katrina and are still mishandling the situation. You can tell I did not like our previous government.

    I could care less what they say, I will NEVER abandon my dogs they trust me and that would be a betrayal to them.

    Luckily for me I am too inland for a hurricane, I don't live on a fault (and never will) so earthquakes will not happen same with tsunami's, I have been in tons of tornadoes and have survived.

    What I do worry about is Global Warming. The ice melting in the artic rising water levels. But then again I would either get to high ground as quickly as possible with my pets or wait to be rescued with them.

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    Well I live in Central Europe at the moment so I don't think I really have to worry about anything like that, but I would definitely not leave my dog behind.

    She was a stray dog for over a year before the pound picked her up, so she could fend for herself if necessary, but not in a natural disaster. And I know she would eat all the food at once if I left any behind for her.

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    I have a different issue. My dog is highly dog aggressive. I have a duty to keep her away from other dogs, and the owners of those dogs who would stick their hands into the middle of a dog fight and be injured. I'd have no choice but to find a way to take her along with me.

    I lived in Atlanta during Katrina, and most of those dogs never found their owners again. My next door neighbor at the time worked with a group who went and rescued dogs after disasters, In the Southeastern US, you get a ton of them--one with every hurricane. Most of those dogs end up in rescue and don't find their owners, if they aren't killed in the emergency itself or in the aftermath by eating contaminated food and water, being electrocuted, etc. Just thinking about the stories he told is making me cry all over again.

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    Well if the disaster was anything like Hurricane Katrina I would of have been one of first people out of there even before the mandatory evacuation,with all of my pets.

    But say if it was short notice that would be hard to decided...if I stay behind what if no one rescues us ? I would definitely not let them loose as they are too small to fend for themselves.I'm sticking with idea that I would have gotten out BEFORE the hurricane as I cant choose from your scenarios...That would be soooo hard to leave my dogs behind,I cant see doing that but I also cant see myself staying behind knowing the outcome of that disaster.I would like to say that I would stay behind with them but in the actual situation I don't know.

    Good question

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    I certainly wouldn't do the first because dogs don't understand the concept of saving something. He'd eat everything way before I came back.

    If I did the second he would surely die - if not starvation then loneliness. If I had to do that I'd just hope his hunting/survival instincts would kick in and that I'd find him again.

    So I'm just left with the last one.

    However, this is me speaking now. I may choose to do something completely different if this situation ever arose (god forbid).

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    well if i left lots of fod they could scarf most of it if they wanted to same day... if i let them wonder they could die in the disaster but they maybe could follow me to where i was being taken or they could run away far never to be seen again... and if i stayed i would be endangering my life and it wouldnt be a sure thing i would be rescued if no one knew where i was... couldnt live with my self doin any of those things.. i would just pick up some things and my dogs and go to the safest hotel that allows pets.

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  • In the actual situation I may choose differently, but at this moment I would have stayed behind wtih my dog and my cat. They are far too important for me to leave behind- My dog was there for me in a very difficult situation over the last winter, I would feel obligated to repay that kindness back to her)

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    I would take my dog with me one way or another, but if I absolutely could not take my dog with me. I think I would leave buckets, and buckets of water every where, and dog food everywhere. I couldn't let them roam free in that storm. I don't know thats hard to answer.

    I still really believe I would take them with me. I would hide them if I had to so I could take them with me. I couldn't leave my dog behind no matter what.

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    There is no way I would abandon my dogs, they mean too much to me, so I would probably stay behind with them and hope and pray that someone would come and rescue us.

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    We don't get hurricanes, or cyclones where I live, only problem really is storms, and we would have gotten out of there if there was a huge one coming, and we'd be the first people out if there was a fire.

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