Should i break up with my boyfriend because we have different morals about drugs?

Everything has been good with us except for the topic of drugs. Used to be able to ignore it because it was minor, but with a new business plan that he has, it would be hard. With the business, things wouldn't be able to be ignored.

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    Different morals about drugs is a very good reason to break up. Using drugs affects many areas of his life and if you are with him, your life.

    1. Recreational drug use is illegal. You could be punished if you are with him when he is caught or if he has drugs in your apartment or car. Using drugs around you makes you an accomplice to illegal activity. That is pretty inconsiderate of him since you don't even do drugs.

    2. Drug usage puts him at risk for all sorts of health problems. Depending on what drugs he is doing there are many health risks. No drug use is free from health risks. If you are in a relationship with him, then your health could also be at risk. If you have a child together the child could be at risk.

    3. Drug usage often leads to harder drugs. Maybe you don't mind the drugs he is using now, but where will this road lead? Are you sure there aren't already harder drugs involved that he hides from you?

    4. Using drugs illegaly often brings you in contact with undesirable people, some can be dangerous. As his girlfriend you are a potential target as well.

    5. Using drugs puts people at a higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases. As his partner you know where that leaves you.

    6. If your relationship grows into a long term committment are you ready for all of these issues and the thousands I haven't mentioned? What about healthcare bills? Mental health issues? Loss of trust?

    In short: OF COURSE drug use is a good reason to break up with someone! It doesn't mean you are judgemental or look down on them, or want to control them. It just means you are a person who can make decisions for themselves about what you want in your future. And you have every right to those decisions. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    It's never a good idea to be with someone who doesn't have the same morals you do - and drugs are a big deal, especially once children come along. I would really consider moving on because eventually he could drag you down. Good luck!

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    I don't think you should break up with him.

    You need to make it clear to him that he should not (or will not) have drugs on him around you. And that if he is high he will not (should not) come around you. Some of the drugs people take...the scent could linger onto the skin or clothing and you could potentially get high because of that as well. so I think you should make it clear that he should not have drugs near you and he should not be high near you.

    But other than that...until you two are living should be fine with those terms. If you two start living together....until he is clean or until he quits selling the drugs...please do not live with him.

    If he does not respect your wishes he was not worth it any ways and he was obviously not there for you or your needs. Hopefully though, he understands the terms if you decide to use them! So hopefully it will pass! No worries!

    I hope it works out! Best of luck!

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    ew i would break up with him. you dont want to have his bad influences rub off on you! date a guy with great morals and goals, instead of a guy who is involved in drugs. I'm just stating a more realistic point of view. Go ahead and stay with a druggie and I will guarantee there will be a lot of drama in your life

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    yea! break up with him now my best friend just recently went thru this. of he is addicted to the drug, then the drug will be his number one priority. if you think its tough now imagine in the long hall, remember you can't help someone who doesn't wasn't to be helped

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    Don't say 'byebye' easily,it may hurt you both.Just keep a normal heart to treat this.Keep an eye closed.

  • if he's around people who do drugs you might be too, and you never know what kind of horrible things could happen. i would lose him.

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    just the fact that you say you both have different morals should tell you what the answer to your question is.

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    if he doesn't quit for you, then yes... my bf used to do drugs and i always felt second best to them... he chose them over me and i got sick of feeling like i wasn't good enough... and even if you are opposed to them, they can still suck you in... its hard to leave but sometimes it's whats best

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