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my yahooo stock portfolio??? heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!?

currently, in my econ class, i am working on a stock project where u pick 10 random stock from the US and compete with your other classmates. for each stock you put in 10000 dollars and whoever gets the most money out of the stocks total wins!!(fake money ofcourse!!) the problem is that i have done that and the stock portfolio shows on 'my yahoo' page but it doesnt show the total....ill make it more clear....

symbol price change

MCD 57.05 +3.07

SNE 28.20 -2.34

PEP etc etc

AAPL etc etc


total(USD) 0.00 0.00

theres 10 n total but i didnt put it in... so wat i want is the '0.00' on the total part to show!!! i kno u can because my teachers does!! 10000 for each stock by the way....heeelp!!!

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