does the author Richard Castle have a website?

i'm trying to find his books. i'm having no luck right now.

also if you would be so kind, give me the list of the books in order?

Thanks a ton!!!!! <3

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    1) Richard Castle is a character played by the very tasty Nathan Fillion.

    He is no more real than Jessica Fletcher in Murder She wrote, played by Angela Lansbury.

    Writers were hired to write her books. Ditto for "Castle."

    2) The book "Heat Wave" was ghosted by a pro, but tied to the promotion of the TV series.

    3) They've only had time to get one book into print, but there will be more on the way since the TV show is successful.

    It's not accurate about how writers live, but still fun to watch.

    I have friends in publishing and could find out who ghosted the book, but that would take the fun out of things.

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