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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!?

Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize greatly suprised me, personally. I heard it was for his speeches? Many presidents and people are great speech givers, why don't they have a peace prize? What has Obama actually DONE to earn this prestigous award? He has TALKED about what he will do..but has he done it yet? no. I feel that he has completely ruined the meaning of the award. It is for people who have done amazing things, look at the word "done" does it say "gave speeches about" ? nope. He was nominated 11 DAYS after being in office! Its all just a big joke now. What do you think?


Um no. I just don't go on the computer everday. Sadly you probably do.

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    its not a big deal. when they told us about in class in the morning a few people got really excited about it.. the rest of us where still waiting for the exciting part in all of this.. i mean.. he hasn't done anything. so why give it to him?

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    Obama actually won the Nobel Peace Prize for his attempts to create peace in the Middle East, as well as give America hope. Jimmy Carter got the prize for similar reasons, when he initiated a talk between Egypt and Israel.

    I don't find it odd that you don't know. It simply means you have a life, and do not sit reading news articles all the time, and that you are a busy and active citizen.

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    well first thing is that he got it 12 days after being in the office and if you havent heard the news or anything he said that he doesnt deserve it and that he wants to give it to someone who has!!!!!!! duh! and there isnt a problem for any of it look at president bush he done alot does that mean he can get the award what obama is saying everyone agrees with him its not about what he has done and hasnt done alot people obviously trust him so just leave it at that im sure if you were preseidnt then you won the award you wouldnt have a problem with it obama is actually trying to fix it.

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    Who cares how long he was in office for? Do people not get that this has nothing to do with his presidency? You realize he had a job and partook in things BEFORE he ran for president, right? He wasn't just some random person who decided to run for president, won, and then got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    I do not think this is right- there are more deserving people out there who have done more than talk.

    Rainbow cries: You are supposed to get the award if you have "during the preceding year [...] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

    Obama has not done anything yet, and now he is working with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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    Yeah, that happened, like, two whole days ago. Where have you been, under a rock?

    But I agree with you, he's done nothing to deserve that award.

    Some of my classmates came to school the day after he was elected and said his face should go on Mt. Rushmore. Just because he's the first partly African American in office.

    I think that's not right.

    And I don't mean I'm against Obama, not in the least bit. It's just that good speeches don't deserve jackshit. He hasn't done anything, and saying he will doesn't mean he's improving our situation one bit.

    I could say that tomorrow I'll turn into a yellow penguin and fly off into the sunset. Doesn't mean I should get a Nobel Peace Prize for simply SAYING that.

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    That was a few days ago...get over it. What's done is done. Your pretty much asking the same thing a whole bunch of other people have been asking on here...

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    Obama is a douchebag.

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    That makes 'W' a bigger douchbag.

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    that happened like 3 years ago. ive already shared my opinion

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