should i take the swine flu shots ?

ok,iam in saudi arabia ,and lately there is some rumors spreading around ,that the swine flu shots cause several health problems like Infertility and stupidity and it was made that way intentionally by the US to corrupt the Muslim society ... personally i don't believe such things ..but i just wanted to see opinions from other countries ..

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    Unless what they export is different from what is used in the U.S. (which is quite possible), I think the rumors about infertility and stupidity are probably false. That is not to say that there might be other risks. For example, it is true that after getting the vaccine you will get what is much the same as symptoms of the flu: headaches, muscle aches, fever, fatigue. To downplay it, the makers of the flu and the CDC call these "side effects."

    Unless it is available in a Thimerosal-free version, the vaccine contains a controversial mercury compound used as a preservative. Mercury is obviously toxic to human beings. Although research hasn't found a link to Thimerosal in vaccines and other disease, it doesn't mean evidence for some kind of harm being done does not exist. It means it hasn't been found, and you have to do the right test in order to find it. Many people say that the newest H1N1 vaccine is safe because it is made the same way the seasonal vaccine is made, but the truth is the way the seasonal vaccine is made does not mean any batch or vial is guaranteed to not have some of the live virus in it. They rushed to make it, and they did no long term study on the possible risks because they assume the batch is safe.

    In the U.S. many people say that the only conspiracy going on is to sell as much of the vaccine as possible, even if people do not truly need it to fight the flu. When it comes to influenza (not something like polio), your immune system can still develop its own antibodies even to H1N1. There have been plenty of people who recovered from H1N1, so it is not a superflu. Panic is being created by the news and the government officials who work in health care who are saying almost everyone should be getting a flu vaccine are making it seem that something is wrong with you if you do not get a vaccine for the flu. I don't understand what real justification there is this year in which your body's immune system can't do its own thing naturally just like last year. There's no evidence that H1N1 is more contagious or resistant than any other strain of the flu.

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    i think that the government put something in those things because swine flu was found to be biologicly engineered and and it is a very weak flu that everyone is making a big deal out of. im just saying that theres something strange about those shots and that im never going to get one. i would rather get a flu than turn into a zombie in three years.

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    Well, Just To Check. Get One It Wouldn't Hurt. But Think About If You Do Catch It

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