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Ramadan: have u ever heard about those who left islam bcz they keep ''searching'' bcz they want to take a look?

Sometimes we think we are able to control our hearts and able to judge which is true and which isnt, but in the end Some really get to protect their faith while other become confused by the ''Beautiful words'' they read....they end up Lost.

many lost their faith and became atheist and many left islam for another religion.

so my question: when such thing happen, what to blame?

1- that u didnt study well islam before asking about other beliefs and u thought u are good enough to take a challenge and take a look at others beliefs?


2- is it that we had good knowledge in islam yet our hearts was weak towards the whispers of satan??



@ Tahir: its good to see u again as wise as in the past :) assalamo alaykom bro

Update 2:

@ Elda:

assalamo alaykom

'' i also believe that if you are at a stage where you are asking questions then you are also at the stage where you can draw your own conclusions about what you read. ''

what tells u that everyone is like u or like those able to chose wisely?

what about those who ''think'' they know but dont really at all.

''People leave islam not because hearts are weak per se, but because they ignorant of true teachings, and decide to live for this world only rather than working towards the next word.''

not everyone do that, many i saw love to work for islam but end up taking the wrong decision, thinking they are enough wise.

if u notice, yahoo is a big proof that everytime muslims talk, u see atheist giving their opinions. Some really think they found the truth bcz they read a ''marvelous''book about Allah dont exist or others say ''well i studied almost all religions and i end up knowing that there is no God''some really read but books made them blind

Update 3:

@ zug zug: wow !

who said i dont wanna hear? and i gave the two choices i think they are the reason, but i didnt say those are the reasons and u cant add to them or even reject them.

plz dont make assumptions and be kind when u answer ppl,, i wont beg for ur answer, u wanna share, well thats so nice from u, u dont? well feel free.

dont come jumping here to attack with ur rude answer, tell me when i said i dont wanna listen??? show me !

nways like i said if u wanna answer i will be happy reading ur opinion, if u think i will beg u then u are so wrong....bye

Update 4:

@ Zug zug: whats ur problem ?

''I gave you a chance, but you obviously do not care to learn.''

Yeah im crying, what a lost?!

but dont worry i will be able in sha'aa llah to sleep at night.

Update 5:

@ Elda: thanks for ur edit:)

i disagree with everything u said, really i do, bcz i have this annoying thing that i care, also i only feel sorry sometimes for those who dont know islam well but end up loving a book written by someone preaching against what Allah(swt) teach us in the quran and the prophet(as) taught us in his life, so they leave some islamic ideas, or even leave islam.....

BUT its true that i disagree with u, but well u just gave me what i was searching for and i was kinda lost hope that i will find the answer here, so u corrected all ur comments by this wise idea:

''at the end of the day i suppose "Allah guides whom he wills".

thats it ! if those ppl are meant to be guided they will leave atheism and revert to islam but if their fate isnt to be muslims they will stay misguided all their lives and i shouldnt care which is hard for me....

so THANK you for giving me the answer which healed my ideas... alhamduli llah those are ideas from quran. salam :)

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    in my opinion, if you are looking for information on a topic, then you go to their books, and their official websites and do your research. this way you ensure that what you read is unbiased. i also believe that if you are at a stage where you are asking questions then you are also at the stage where you can draw your own conclusions about what you read.

    from a scientific background, i strongly believe that you must analyse what you read (and this for me now is easy), and then criticise the information till you are sure that this is either correct or right.

    People leave islam not because hearts are weak per se, but because they ignorant of true teachings, and decide to live for this world only rather than working towards the next word.

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading about islam and asking questions about unfamiliar beliefs etc, because as long as you are using logic and knowledge then nothing can go wrong.

    @lebanese: i totally see your point dear, and i dont know if you have noticed but i hardly ever answer questions by atheists because im truly not interested, because i know that anything outside of islam doesnt make sense and is not an option. it doesnt mean i am scared to answer them or to know their point of view. dont know if im making sense :) i guess what im trying to say is i am personally at peace when it comes to what atheists say, because im genuinely not interested. however, if one wants to read about their opinons they are free to do so, and should they get swayed to leave islam, at the end of the day i suppose "Allah guides whom he wills".

    @zugzug: either give ur opinion or piss off. stop trying to act like you're the shiz. besides we all know ur "reasons"...its always the same.

    @lebanese: you are welcome :) really and truly at the end of the day that is exactly what it comes down to. its a difficult topic i know, but we are all guided by none other than Allah (swt).

    oh and lets just wait for zugzug to be brave and give his "bright" idea :P

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    You can never leave submission to God it is the only way life works! How can one who submits leave a state of submission. The only thing they do is submit to something other then God! But leave Islam(submission) impossible! God speaks to the believers as though we are leary and sad as we find none that believe this is what the Prophets went through this is what the messengers go through and this is why they will be given the gardens in paradise. This life is not easy for now ho believes if you are comfortable then you aren't serving which is fine but this life is only a respite to prove ourselves to God!

    Source(s): me, mom, Quranist!
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    i never heard peoples left Islam at Y/A..

    Most peoples here like to make up story..

    but some are the real peoples who can teach..

    if they really want to represent Islam..

    then put more Effort not just on here

    talking just like big shot..

    but when peoples turn to them..

    where are they to guide them..

    i m not come in here to answer question about Islam..

    can you fine any questions and answers that i spreed about Islam?

    but if you can find.. it is not much..

    and it is to what i actually understand..


    but what is lacking is when this place show every differences.. then you might be thinking of a solutions..

    but not blaming others..

    there are more different sect in Islam..

    & there are some Haters to..

    so when peoples come to you need help..

    approach and Engauge with them with your personals Emails.. is that sound difficult?

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    People leave Islam, because through various ways they deduce it is a false teaching and a false religion. They find that Islam is not the truth, but only another religion amongst millions.

    It does not have to do with them wanting to sin or wanting to anger Muslims. It has nothing to do with them being taken over Satan or wishing to go against Allah.

    They simply feel that Islam is nothing special, that the Quran is just another holy book, and that religion is a false belief that can be cast aside.

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  • Penny
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    Yes! I feel like that like ALL the time. (Maybe because I wear my hijab to everywhere but home. Yes, It humiliated me once too. Just in front of my family. SO no harm done. To your other question, It just depends. Look, I have seen a lot of (even hijabi) Muslimahs that totally wear American clothes (American meaning = shorts. short sleeves. big neck (im not sure what you call it. but i think you get what i mean)). If the Mulsimah wears modest and Islam-approving clothes, then I think it takes equal. It might also take the Non-Hijabi more time because she has to watch for how big her neck opening is. (My hijab covers it. But i still wear an undershirt.)

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    Most Muslims who decide to leave Islam are those who were unable to reconcile the bidaa ridden sectarian aspect of Islam as practiced by a sizable number of Muslims. They get negatively influenced by false believes like stoning to death, under age marriages, suffocating dress code and the ever more militant tendencies of the Muslims of today.

    True Islam is a 100% verifiable religion and the envy of our enemies, we in our foolishness have given them enough ammo to ceaselessly attach us because of these false practices, its not a question of weak faith its a question of good souls unable to bring themselves to believing in the fabricated aspect of Islam.

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    They follow their desires . They hate Islam even though it is the truth . Some people hate the truth . So no one to blame here but themselves .

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    when such thing happen, what to blame?

    they did not pray to Allah and say (Show us the straight path)

    why do you think we say that when we pray (Show us the straight path)

    how many time we say it and why?

    that cuz we can not Show the straight path with out Allah.

    that is the worship.

    Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help

    i say if any one really understand Al-Fatiha he never left islam for another if he really need to follow straight path.


    i want to ask you

    what is your feel when you read that

    ) And when Abraham said: My Lord! Make safe this territory, and preserve me and my sons from serving idols. (35) My Lord! Lo! they have led many of mankind astray. But whoso followeth me, he verily is of me. And whoso disobeyeth me - Still Thou art Forgiving, Merciful. (36

    did you cry ?!!!

    did you Afraid to serving idols?

    did you ask Allah that My Lord! Make safe this territory, and preserve me and my sons from serving idols. ?why yes or why not?!


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    i think those who leave prefer the sin of this world, their worldly desires.

    som women sadly leave due to men in islam who are NOT PRACTISING the truth of islam but twisting it to objectify women

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