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Are insects killed by pesticides safe as ant food?

Currently, I've a fledgling colony of quite carnivorous ants, preferring dead insects over fruit, bread, or even honey. Recently, an exterminator sprayed around our house and especially (I presume) the patio, where I found two good dead insects that could serve as food for the ants. But I'm worried that the fact that the pesticides are likely what killed them, it would also -- obviously -- harm my ants if somehow retained in the dead bugs.

Is that true?

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    Yes, the poison is still in/on the dead bug and will be transferred to your ants if they eat said bug. The bug had to ingest the poison some how either through eating it or absorbing it either way it will poison your ants

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    Since the foggers aren't working, that means that the source of your problem is your yard. Treat your yard with an insecticide such as Ortho Max. When your mom uses the foggers make sure your dog is outside or somewhere else, both humans and the dog should not be breathing in the fumes. The foggers really need at least 8 hours to work and then the house should be aired out really well, before everyone returns.

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