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How can I remove the black scuff marks (that come from the handle) from the top of my Air Hockey Table?

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    Melissa- I want to forewarn you that my suggestion is based on the assumption that the material is compatible with the cleaning agent involved.

    I would try acetone (otherwise known as fingernail polish remover) and a cotton ball and just try to gently dab it away sort of like the same touch you would use wiping a very young childs mouth. Too much pressure, or too much acetone at one time may cause the surface to melt.

    Just don't be in a hurry and try to get it done in 10 seconds. Take your time because I don't know what the surface material is made of. But I have enough experience with using acetone in the flexographic printing industry and know how harmful it can be to polycarbonates and other malleable surfaces. Keep in mind too, like I said, I used it to clean ink from my printing equipment. So if this scuff mark is over any printing, keep in mind that you may possibly wipe the ink off.

    In other words, I'm trying to communicate that there is almost an art form to using acetone on such a surface as yours.

    Just be gentle is all I'm saying.

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    I would recommend getting a tennis shoe and rubbing the soul on the black marks.. that should make them go away.

  • 7 years ago

    What about magic eraser? That stuff is amazing!!

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