Is Lindsay Graham right that Ron Paul is 'hijacking' the Republican party, that he, Lindsay is true Republican?

And is it mean to treat Lindsay Graham like this?
Update: And I'm wondering.... if this was a Lindsay Graham town hall, where were his supporters?

Does he have any?
Update 2: (By the way, I do think parts were a bit rude, but LG doesn't exactly come off well, either.)
Update 3: vesaversa - he's a whore, if that is what you mean, but the issue isn't whether he is Bobsey Twins with McCain, we know that, it is whether he represents Republicans.
Update 4: Karusican, it isn't 'loony', you may disagree with it, but now you are the one being rude.
Update 5: Also, Karusuchan, Ron Paul is a noninterventionist, not an isolationist. A bully government that bribes peoples and pushes them around to live the way the bully wants isn't better than the person who is friendly and interacts but gives no bribes or threats. The first is dysfunctional.
Update 6: karusuchan, you are entitled to your opinion. It wasn't me who thumbed you down.
Update 7: spike, you might want to look into him. Even those who don't like him agree he is honest and principled. The novelty on that alone should make you check him out.

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