Do you think Paul McCartney is a musical genius?

He's great, but I wouldn't call him a musical genius. I just have seen people say that they thought he was. The only bad thing about Paul is his giant ego. And not the kind of ego you get after you get really famous, he's always had an ego. But I still like him. What do you think?

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Update: Smurfin: I do like Johnj better. But I think John and George are the 2 best. : ) But I do love Macca.
Update 2: just to let people know, The TDs are not from me : )
Update 3: Hm, I respect all of your opinions but my opinion on it is, nobody has the right to be an egomaniac. That's just my opinion.

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Update 4: Let me rephrase that, I don't think Paul is an egomainac but I have people say that. However, I don't like the way he has treated some people. I do think he had an ego problem. :)
Update 5: Lenn: I just don't like the way Paul treated Stuart Sutcliffe. He's even said he wishes he could take it back. That was nice of him to say. : )
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