Do you think Paul McCartney is a musical genius?

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He's great, but I wouldn't call him a musical genius. I just have seen people say that they thought he was. The only bad thing about Paul is his giant ego. And not the kind of more
Update : Smurfin: I do like Johnj better. But I think John and George are the 2 more
Update 2: just to let people know, The TDs are not from me : )
Update 3: Hm, I respect all of your opinions but my opinion on it is, nobody has more
Update 4: Let me rephrase that, I don't think Paul is an egomainac but I have more
Update 5: Lenn: I just don't like the way Paul treated Stuart Sutcliffe. more
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As far as music goes you have to call me a musical genius, but I believe he has an ego problem, I think it was his ego along with Ono you ruined the Beatles, even George said he'd rather play with John than Paul.
take care

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Thanks Dave : )
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  • Prof. Anger answered 5 years ago
    I definitely think he's a genius. Two fronts. First, the bass in Beatles tunes is always right on the money. So many of those songs are special because of their spine. Those bass parts walk this amazing line of being incredibly interesting, but not so much as to stand out in your face. It's just this amazing detail that often sits below the radar. Second, are more importantly, too many people think you have to be shredding all the time to be considered a genius. What about the genius of writing melodies and constructing songs that are so overwhelmingly appealing. Paul McCartney is perhaps the best pop song writer in modern music.

    In regards to the ego, I'll just double up on what Jimmy said.
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  • John Lennon answered 5 years ago
    How can anybody doubt that Paul is a musical genius.
    He is the second greatest singer/songwriter to ever have lived

    Ego or not, you cant ignore his abilities.
    Anyway whats wrong with a big of an ego?
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  • Jimmy Jazz answered 5 years ago
    Not being personally acquainted with the man, I can't speak to his ego nor when, how, or whether it became giant. I can say he wrote some nice tunes which I like.
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  • Hαír Pεace Šmûrƒ Pεαce answered 5 years ago
    I think John and Paul are both musical geniuses, but I feel like John used music more to express himself and Paul wrote to please fans.

    SO I like John better.
    But Macca's always cool in my book.

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  • Nick answered 5 years ago
    I actually kind of do consider him a musical genius. But to me genius is working really hard in something that you are already incredibly gifted at. I'm sure he has a big ego, but he put out a lot of great music in a relatively short amount of time, and the music has great diversity (for pop music).

    I would consider Tiger Woods a golf genius. Neither are like Einstein, but still genius.
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  • Stubby Phillips answered 5 years ago
    Yes. He has written many things that are original and fresh.
    He may be a bit of a ham but he does not act like he has a giant ego.
    In documentaries i've watched reporters have said that the Beatles were very approachable and genuinely nice guys. They never let fame get to their heads.
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  • Mike H Music Man in New Orleans answered 5 years ago
    He is a musical genius - He did the arrangements for almost all of the Beatles songs as well as wrote about half of their best ones. As much as his post Beatles career has been criticized there are still some amazing songs in there. I have seen him in concert twice and he is fantastic. He is also rated as one of the best bass players ever and he does play numerous instruments. So yes I think he is a musical genius.
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  • Bi@ answered 5 years ago
    Do you have any doubt?
    Paul hasn't that "ego" as you mean!
    He is gorgeous as a perfect musician, and human being, too!
    If he could have a "kind of ego", he wouldn't be one of those people that protect our enviromnent, animals, and so on...
    Besides, he ever said several times about his wife (Linda) as a great musician , recognizing her value and talent.
    Do you want anything else?
    A couple of The Beatles' songs were written by him, and he, as a nice guy as he is, put John's name together. (He'd say now that he is a genius! John is died even...)
    You have the right saying what you want.
    But, in my opinion, is a question veryyyy hard of yours, because my Macca is too amazing!
    The Beatles never were in my life, but Paul, yeah!
    I LOVE PAUL!!!!
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  • dolphin314etc answered 5 years ago
    Yes, and John Lennon too.

    In the category of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart?

    Yes, yes, yes.


    It takes one to know one
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  • --rudie can't fail answered 5 years ago
    Composed, wrote, performed some of the finest music in in popular music history. Genius he is.

    He has earned a right to have an ego, I mean you get people like Axl Rose who have a huge unwarranted ego the size of Russia which gets in the way of his music, friendships and turns everyone away from him. Then, that's when an ego becomes a problem. But being one of the most iconic singer/songwriters of our time, I think being a little cocky about it is allowed.
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  • ♫Problem Child♫ answered 5 years ago
    personally, yes, I think he is.
    and yes, he has an ego, probably as big as Roger Waters' ego

    but I think he has earned it, and so has Roger
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  • Patriotsfan answered 5 years ago
    Yes.But John was the most talented Beatle though, .John and George are my favorites.
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  • Lucy answered 5 years ago
    If talent and luck equal genius, then yes. He was born with talent and lucky enough to hook up with John Lennon at the right time and place. As far as ego, a certain amount is necessary to be a performer, although some do have more than others. I think when someone is successful, worshiped and put up on a pedestal, that might understandably contribute to an inflated ego.
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  • Queen Jane answered 5 years ago
    He is the most successful musician and composer in popular music history. And "Yesterday" is the most covered song in history.

    He has every right to have an ego.
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  • Your Face Is A Rape Scene answered 5 years ago
    genius? That's a little outlandish don't you think.
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  • Tom ツ answered 5 years ago
    I agree with everything you said. "Genius", no, "great" OK. If John Lennon was still alive I don't think Paul would be getting the kind of attention and accolades that he is/does/will
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  • labowu answered 5 years ago
    He's an overrated songwriter. Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and others are much more talented.
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