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lim asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

20點數 徵求演講稿一篇


題目: Speech Entitled “ Eating Right the Healthy Way"

You have been asked by the Staff Club of your organisation

to give a talk entitled "Eating Right the Healthy Way".

YOu cam used the following notes to help you write the speech

1.Define "eating right" and “Healthy”

2.The importance of eating healthy food

3.Example of jealthy eaters

4.The effects of eating healthy food.

5.What can be done to encourage people to eat healthy food?


要求 : 五到十分鐘演講稿(大約300~400個字數)

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Eating Right the Healthy Way.

    1.Moving into the new millennium, we are getting more and more choices to choose when it comes to food. Food is something that nourishes or sustains our physical nourishment, produce energy, stimulate growth, and maintain life. So, in order to stay healthy,

    We must know how to eat right.

    2.Eating right is none other than to maintain a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet is one that on a regular basis includes foods that meet our body’s requirements for the wide variety of nutrients needed to stay healthy. A healthy body will have a much stronger immune system to fight off any viruses or cancer cell that can destroy ones’ health, sometimes even ones’ life. In order to archive that, eating healthy food is the main priority.

    3.Unhealthy ‘Junk Food’ has been a real concerned in modern day society. We have seen the British celebrity cook Jamie Oliver bringing in healthy diet meals in schools and kicking out deep fried greasy junk food to fight the growing obesity problem in the United Kingdom. In the U.S, even their President Barack Obama insisting on taxing the soda and other sugary drinks for his health care reform.

    4.Our immune system is boast up by taking in healthy food. By having all the necessary nourishments from the healthy food, we can lower our risk of contracting diseases and cancers, and even keep obesity at bay. And of course, with a healthy physical, our mental health will be equally taken care of. A healthy person will be able to have a better sleeping comfort and will feel more relaxed.

    5.In order to promote healthy lifestyle, I hope the government or private organizations can come up with carnivals or promotions to raise the awareness. But most important is to start young. By having more educational excursion on healthy food, we can enhance the teaching towards our younger generations.

    Last of all, I wish everyone to have a happy living with eating right the healthy way.

    Thank you.


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  • chen
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    1 decade ago

    Eating Right gets Healthy Way

    There is my ideals what I can say is about as following:

    Eating for the health.

    I consider that people want to be make sure for the eating

    to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diets every day. We know the eaten good quality foods that are the sources of protein

    and vitamins.

    keeping our health are essential.

    But how to eat any good food?

    Let's me for example," Fast Food"[束食餐]

    There have the Greasy French fries, hamburgers and fried chickens

    All of us like there, especially teenagers.

    Most of which are not included vegetables or fruits.

    These have a high fat, low nutrition foods that could be impact

    on our health.

    A typical such meals, when eaten often, can result in obesity,

    an enlarged liver, and other long tern healthy risks.

    Do you believe such" Fast Food" very good?

    Some people have been suggested and encouraged that

    we eat The Organic Foods which are more better than

    those one in my health.

    The Organic Foods are that use not the pesticides for vegetables,

    and fruits, and so on.

    Again well for the healthy eaters, such as;

    The famous Norwegian-Canadian Herman aged 112,

    Bert Morrow aged 93, and like that....

    Therefore, the eating right is most important for people's health.


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