Home staging question?

What would be a reasonable hourly rate for a professional home stager?


Thanks all, I was actually inquiring for a friend who is looking to start her own business after getting laid off from a design position. She was curious about what she could reasonably charge per hour for her services.

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    That would depend on the amount of staging being done. If they are just removing the clutter and rearranging what you own, in the Northeast it's $15.00 per hour

    If they are painting and renting furniture, doing a little updating and landscaping the going rate is $25.00 per hour

    If they are calling in outside contractors for some remodeling you will be paying the stager and the contractor.

    These wages include client participation. If you are leaving the staging entirely up to the designer you will pay significantly more.

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    I heard on one of those home shows that most make between 20 and 25 an hour. Why don't you google one of the shows, HGTV is one, you might get ideas from there yourself.

    Google home staging

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    Shoot, I know someone who would do it for cheap... But you would have to buy all of the items..

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