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What if I'm wrong? What if you're wrong?

I'm referring, of course, to the idea that the universe was created by a rabid leprechaun-zombie who tortures anyone who doesn't give CAustin II $1,000 at some point in their lives.

If I'm wrong, I'm just out $1,000 (and actually, I'm a special case - if I'm wrong, I'm just out postage and a check from sending myself one grand).

But if you're wrong, you're burning forever. Isn't it best to play it safe, just in case?


Bonus question: you are allowed to purchase exactly two items from a grocery store. Which combination will freak out the checkout clerk the most?

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    We are all wrong.

    BQ: Turkey baster and pregnancy tests

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    A slight logical fallacy. You sort of assume a binary problem that reduces my part to you and me, but NO. I have a similar relationship with every person on earth. So, if I am wrong, your burning hell is the least of my problems because I have millions of other eternal torments anyway. I would say a thousand bucks is pretty steep to to possibly reduce eternal torment by some very tiny fraction.

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    I've thought about it a lot,

    read it often. I wrote a book about the Book of Mormon,

    partly just because I wanted my own conviction,

    my testimony, to be in print, even if only for my children's sake.

    I dismiss out of hand the early criticism that somehow this was a book that Joseph Smith wrote.

    The only thing more miraculous than an angel providing him with those plates and him translating them by divine inspiration would be that he sat down and wrote it with a ballpoint pen and a spiral notebook.

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    Bonus Question: Combination: Machete, and a hockey mask. Its funny because my dad used to hang a Machete and Hockey mask on the wall in his closet haha........wait a minute... O__o

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  • Get your own $1,000 buddy, I'll take my chances that there is no rabid leprechaun-zombie.

    Heavy duty garbage bags and an ax.

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    The check's in the mail.

    And as for the bonus question, I'd buy a box of tampons and a hammer.

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    The checks in the mail! Don't cash it right away!

    BQ: I think Tums and condoms should shake them up a little.

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    Bonus answer: Sleeping pills and duct tape.

  • Rick
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    1 decade ago

    The check is in the mail hold your breath till it gets there.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Drano and a pregnancy test kit.

    Oh yeah, the check is in the mail...

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