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What do you think of the real "Nobel Peace Prize" that should be awarded to Obama?

This is the Real Nobel Peace Prize, what a great idea!

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    That's funny!! (no sarcasm)

    Don't Libs get the fact that he hasn't done anything to earn the award!!!! Tell me one thing he did to earn this award. huh? what?

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    How dare you mock President Barack Hussein Obama. May a pox descend upon your herds and may your cattle be sterile, blasphemer!

    The Great Obama is a master economist. Never before has anyone been brilliant enough to realize you can spend money to fix an economy... except Japan, but they were unsuccessful in their many attempts simply because they did not have a divine presence like Barack Hussein Obama to guide them.

    Certainly, if Obama is not a divine being himself, then he is at least an Annointed One, or a latter-day Messiah, who will lead us out of the festering sewer of Conservative dogma that has held back our true potential.

    Conservatives have been like a huge ship's anchor, keeping us from cruising full speed ahead in the ocean of opportunity. They have insisted we base everything on reality and merit. Those concepts have been proven irrelevant under Obama. Although the brilliant Obama passed no important legislation in the Illinois Legislature, and did nothing of any consequence while Senator, he has proven that accomplishment cannot hold one back. It is an outdated concept, ready for the trash heap of history.

    Now Obama is President. Just this week he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, evidently based on the blessed faithful who realize that, even though he has not actually done anything yet, he will, and the event will be glorious, carved in stone for all future generations hence to see.

    But the magnificent Obama will not rest on his laurels. Right now he is being considered for a Pulitzer Prize, based on the expectation that he will write a magnificent piece of literature someday.

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    Now Everyone Can Have A Nobel Peace Prize

  • Ken
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    1 decade ago

    That's not a very sophisticated submission, and not all that funny. The President of the United States won the Nobel Peace Prize. That's good for America.

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  • Power
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    1 decade ago

    I think people who always focus on a good person & want to make that person into something negative are jealous & sad people. I think people as hateful as you really hate yourself not Obama, but someone successful & decent makes you hate yourself even more. He shows you that a person who works hard can succeed & that a person no matter what things should hold them back in life, can still possibly suceed. Your post & your avatar tell us about you & remind those of us who are so glad to have the murdering theif out of office that we are truly blessed. We had to learn to not rely on others but to get up & create miracles & we have done that. It is a miracle to have a black President at this time cause I never thought I'd see it. Bush forced us to get up & be active. Many dems were active. I and many who weren't will never allow a murdering theif to be President again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obama Earned it.

    By going around the world Bashing America.

    Most Democrats Hate America.

    And Obama speaks for them.

  • 3 years ago

    It grew to become into stated via the Peace Prize Committee that he grew to become into provided the Prize in attractiveness of the values he stood for and the accomplishments they want he achieves for the time of his presidency. it relatively is been stated via individuals of alternative peace communities and coalitions who shop their collective ear to the tracks concerning those concerns that the committee chosen Obama for yet another excuse, regardless of if. it relatively is extensively believed in those circles that Obama grew to become into chosen through low-point of political controversy it would reason interior the aftermath. The committee understood that besides the undeniable fact that confusion and cries of disillusioned would be issued from the final public, on a political point he grew to become right into a secure and non-confrontational determination and that interior of a reasonably short quantity of time those protests might die down. interestingly extremely some the different nominees elected had the potential to reason rigidity to political ties and/or family members had they been chosen to win the prize. yet another fact i might desire to point out is that Obama grew to become into in basic terms in workplace for sort of two weeks in the previous the date of the cut-off date for submissions for the winner...A era which i'm specific maximum human beings will agree is a few distance too short a time to return to a decision upon a yet unproven president to take transport of certainly one of those prestigious award. Mahatma Gandhi grew to become into elected for the Peace prize 5 circumstances yet in no way gained. it rather isn't in basic terms a humiliation and a slap to the face of the nominees who would desire to have been provided the prize rather of Obama; the 1000's of people who EARNED the desirable to be stated as a Peace Prize recipient, it relatively is a severe degradation of the respect and status of all previous and destiny recipients besides through fact the ethical nicely worth of the award itself. Obama would desire to have graciously rejected the nomination. In taking it he in basic terms cheapened the two his very own legacy and that of the Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel is turning in his grave (or would desire to be).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am glad for him winning the Nobel but have to give props to that person for coming up with a great way to make money selling an empty USPS box.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I smell the stench of Conservative sour grapes :-(

    Since ol dunderhead George couldn't win the Nobel Peace Prize, Cons are now trying to convince themselves it's an "invalid prize" :( Hah hah, that's good, thank you Cons for the laugh :-)

    Obama has done more (good) in 8 months than ol Georgie did in 8 YEARS

    (Cons can't see the truth past their huge lying, sniveling noses :-)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He should win a prize for trying to make peace with republicans and then getting kicked in the teeth for it .

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