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I need help with a US History essay, just key ideas over state rights versus federal?

Exact question: Was the States' Rights philosophy used only to promote sectional interests and not to defend the powers of the state governments in relation to the national government? (1790-1861)

Key Events Given: Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Nullification Crisis, Hartford Convention, and Secession Crisis.

I have the main points of everything ... it just is tying everything together is what I cannot seem to get to fit the question!

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    No. Separation of powers are a key feature of states rights. An all powerful Federal was feared by our founders as too small an obstacle to the tyranny they sought to escape.

    The tenth amendment explicitly limits the power of the federal government. Likewise the three branches of the federal government are meant to be a check and balance on the excesses and abuses of the other branches. The founders sought to leave most chores of governing to the state and local governments.

    A government furthest from the people is less accountable, thus when you send a dollar to Washington DC, you are lucky to get 50 cents back. The rest is swallowed up by administration, red tape, corruption, bribery, graft, and government subsidized health care for Senate pages.

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    Exact answer: yes

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