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Is the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins any good?

And what age group would you say it was? And a summary please?

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    They are absolutely amazing! Ages are probably 12-18 but I'd say that they're one of those series that people of any age can read and love.

    They're set in the future, in the nation of Panem that's located in North America. Every year, the Capitol has each of the twelve districts send two kids to compete in the Hunger Games. Only one of the twenty four kids are allowed to win, and losing means death. Katniss steps in for her sister when her sister's name is called. She's sent to the Capitol to compete along with Peta. The rest is the story of what happens during the two and half weeks they spend in the arena.

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    My friends (ages 13 - 18) have said it was quite good. I have yet to read it, though.

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