"Notice" from Illinois Department of Revenue?

I went online to the llinois Department of Revenue's website to check the status of my tax return. When I query my return it shows up as an existing problem (problems) with 2008 tax return. I did file my return 6 months late without filing an extension.

It said they mailed a notice. However, I have not received anything. Tried to call but they are closed today.

Anyone here have an idea what kind of notices the state would mail. I have never had an issue with my tax return.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you had to pay in money when you filed then they are going to charge you interest for being late.

    They are probably conducting an internal audit of all of your past returns right now, that is why you haven't gotten the notice yet. If they determine that you did this intentionally, which is likely, they'll access a punitive fine on top of the interest they'll charge you.

    Otherwise they might just send a warning. Although it is illegal to file late, if you didn't owe them money they probably won't make a big deal out of it. Just the same, they are probably auditing all of your recent returns.

  • pao
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    4 years ago

    the understanding from Illinois might desire to describe the place they think of an blunders handed off -it fairly is the 1st element you may desire to discover out approximately. The tax dept will answer your questions by telephone and you probable will might desire to deliver them the W-2 yet be effective to maintain a duplicate of it. you should even have your reproduction of the return that became filed (with a bit of luck you stored one). Your question right here would possibly no longer supply us sufficient suggestions to respond to wisely-the place do you reside, the place did you paintings,are taxes due considering the fact which you had different earnings or too little withheld, etc.

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