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A budgie that I just got has laid an egg!?

A budgie flew into my apartment about five days ago. I've put up posters to see if anyone is looking for it, but in the meantime, I've been taking care of it. I've called her S.J. (Senorita Jump, first name Budgie!). I had borrowed a cage for her, but I had to give it back two days ago and since then, she's had the run of my sitting room - there are newspapers everywhere!

Anyway, I got up this morning and found a small egg on the couch. My first thought that it was infertile, but then I realised that I have no idea what S.J. might have been doing before she flew into my place.

So, what do I do with the egg? S.J. has a few places that she sits, and none of them are near the couch. That's why I thought the egg was infertile, because I would have thought she would keep close to a fertile egg. But she may have thought the couch was a nice soft resting place to lay it. Now, am I supposed to keep the egg warm? How warm should it be? Also, should I be touching the egg - I've heard before that birds will abandon an egg if it has a human scent on it. I have already touched it though to put it somewhere warmer - is there anything I can do?

Any advice would be appreciated, and also, any advice on keeping a budgie, because I've never had one before but lots of people have told me that they can be hard to keep alive. One of my worries is that she's not getting enough water. I got a water bottle for birds, but because she has the whole sitting room to fly around, I'm afraid that she might not find it. I got her bird seeds as well, but does she need any other kind of food?



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    Lets think a little bit here. Budgies do happen to get lose a lot. It's not an uncommon thing. I've seen a few flying around in my area. I'm in a small city in the US. So there would be two options for me why this bird is laying eggs. It COULD be from the wild, two budgies might have found each other. But if this bird is tame-ish, that is the less likely option. She probably was around other male budgies at another home. Which would explain the egg laying. But either way, if it were me, I would just throw out the eggs. This isn't meant to offend you whatsoever, but you being with no bird experience, it would be a big hassle for you to make the egg hatch lol. You would need to spend a good chunk of change.

    Anyways... You seem to be doing okay.. I would strongly recommend getting a cage for safety reasons. Normal budgie cages aren't THAT expensive. They're about 40 dollars at petco. So it's not like 100 bucks and up or anything. You wouldn't have to keep putting newspaper everywhere. And she would know where her food and water supply was. Also, when you found this egg, she wasn't paying attention to it was she? If kept in a cage, sense she would have to be kept in one spot, if you want to have any hope for the eggs, she would pay attention to them herself.

    But yeah. I would keep putting up those posters. And in the mean time, get a small cage, supply her with water, and a seed bowl. If you don't want this egg laying to keep up, just throw them out. If she doesn't see them she won't get the urge to have to lay more. But if you want her to keep laying, I strongly suggest you get her a cuttlebone. You can find it in any bird aisle of any pet store. Why? It's a very good source of calcium, which egg laying birds need so they don't become egg bound and die. But yeah....

    Good luck!

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  • moggie
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    Interesting :)

    Well, five days and now she lays the egg. It must have been her first for her clutch or she would be at laying point of every two days and you would have seen an egg sooner. Birds are not that smart to know if an egg is fertile or not, so her being near her egg means little at this time. You dont need to get a nest or keep it warm as chances are high it isnt even fertile. If it was they dont need to be kept warm the second they are laid. Eggs will stay in limbo for a week to 10 days without needing to be incubated/ warmed.

    As her life has been disrupted lately she most likely will stop her egglaying cycle. New circumstances, stresses, new food new friends will do that to breeding budgies. Stop the egglaying cycle I mean.

    Safety as mentioned means the bird must have somewhere to be, somewhere she feels safe. She needs a cage. She doesnt need you to put a nestbox on or a nest or create a home for that egg. Throw the egg away. The budgie wont be interested in it as she has so much more going on due to her new life with you. Birds do not abandon an egg because of a scent on it...thats an old wives tale. She has laid a random egg with no nest and now she is distracted by having no safe home ( cage) so all she will want to do is explore. Birds must not be left unsupervised and free in a home. They can commit suicide in so many differing ways when flying free and not being watched 24/7. They drown in glasses of water, fishtanks. They get stuck behind furniture. They get trodden on or sat on. Someone must be able to loan you a cage while you search for whoever has lost her. As nic e as the idea of a free flying budgie is, she would be safer in a cage.

    Start thinking about who may be missing her and start to think of ways to advertise you have found a bird. Its your responsibility to at least try before you start thinking of her as yours.

    They eat vegies, mashed boiled egg...never feed chocolate or avocado as they are toxic to budgies.

    Source(s): I own over 300 show budgies and have bred thousands of chicks. I am administrator of two budgie forums I own parrots, finches and canaries. I am a member of 3 exhibition budgerigar clubs. Ex vet nurse
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    don't worry budgies are the best type of birds you can ever have. They are easy to keep alive just buy a cage and give it seed and vegies and water maybe in a bowl.

    For the egg maybe gather leaves and sticks and make it look like a nest i dunno isnt ur budgie sittin on it

    good luck :)

    Source(s): my lovely bird CHUNKI
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  • Ellen
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    a parakeet is a total different bird from a cockatiel so no a parakeet and a cockatiel could not have fertile eggs.... a female bird does not need a male to lay eggs, they can lay eggs whenever they want to.... yes they may try just because they have been together so long, but they can not have babies together.... and them mating (having sex) will not harm either of them either.... do not be expecting any babies, EVER!!! sorry but it will not happen..

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  • Anonymous
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    Nice story (:

    I'm not sure bout the egg part but i can help you with the food!

    Birds love veggies.

    Especially lettuce.

    they love cuttlefish too.You can buy it at the pet store.You have to get a cage soon! and a nest for your budgie.It is going to lay more eggs! So watch out. The lay up to 6 eggs. One per day.

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