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Why is my Start menu acting up?

everytime I restart my computer the start menu has the default icons.. why??

also how can i make my IE suggest me to remember passwords?

and how can I give my download speed a little boost?

and how can I get windows vista for free?



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    you have to shutdown the computer properly sdo that your settings are saved.

    your download speed relies on the quality of your ISP and what plan you are on, however your download speed can be affected if your processor is doing other stuff. Use these programs below to service your computer

    You can get win7 for free from, but you will have to pay for it in january. i suggest to go for win7 and give vista the flick.

    While your computer is in good nick you should download these programs as a Save, then install from that file. All these programs do different stuff, the end result is your computer runs a lot better. Use all of them.

    To Clean Up Computer

    1. CCleaner (about 10 minutes to install and run)

    Google ccleaner and install it.from filehippo While it installs just untick the boxes as some you dont want..Run the cleaner in windows/applications but dont tick the bottom 11 boxes in the Windows Tab.Run the registry cleaner as well, when it asks to back up the registry , allow it to do it, then clean the registry. You may have to clean the registry a few times, but you do not need to save it each time.

    2. Superantispyware (1 hour)

    Has a stop homepage from being altered which is good. Download and run superantispyware. Install it and set the preferences to monitor your home page. Set up tick boxes that you want in the other tabs as you require.You don’t need to run it at startup unless you want the antispyware protection 24/7.

    Note Superantispyware has powerful reset tools that will set stuff back to windows defaults.To use these tools click preferences >repairs. There are a lot of handy repairs you can chose.Superantispyware is a good program and remember to update it before scanning. A scan may take 45mins. Just run a scan for the first attack.

    3. Spybot – Search and Destroy (1 hour) - Download spybot search and destroy. Through its immunize page and link to javacools spyblaster, spybot can manage activex problems which is extremely difficult for antispyware programs to find. Also just run the scan for first attack.

    4. MalwareBytes (1 hour) This is a neat little program to scan for annoying pop ups and adverts.

    5. Windows Live Onecare (2-3 hours)

    Onecare safety scan fixes registry and finds temp files that nothing else seems to find. Choose the Beta Edition link for vista users. It does registry, spyware , virus , disk clean up and defrag

    XP Users

    Vista Users Run the full safety scanner, it takes a few seconds to install the scanning files but when you start the scan, it takes 2 hours or more. Let it load the scanning tools, then start the Safety Scan. So once it starts to load the safety scans' x file of x , you can leave the computer and go to bed etc. Then at the end of the scan it asks you to set it running full time.

    Think twice about setting it to run in the background as it could be another thing to slow you down. However, it may be worth while if you have no other security programs running.

    Now you should be flying and Onecare has even set up a new system restore point for you.. Add onecare to your favourites

    6. Set up IE7 /8 so it runs efficiently. (2 minutes)

    Over time IE seems to set its own (or programs do) tick boxes in the advance tab.In IE, Click Tools >Internet Options >Advance Tab. Click Restore advance settings defaults button.Then scroll the listings down to near the bottom and:

    1. Tick empty temp files when browser closes (this empties the cache, which if not empty, will stop you from going online and hassles msn)

    2. Ie7 only.- Bullet disable phishing filter (optional. Leave it on if you want that type of protection, usually for financial data like internet banking).2. Ie8 - to disable the phishing filter click Tools > scroll down to SmartScreen filter and disable it. (leave it on is preferred) SmartScreen filter will stop malicious code from being installed to your computer, specially through activex, however it may be doubling up with your internet security program so causing your browser to be a little slower.

    Then click the blue drop arrow near the search icon (top RHS corner) >manage search providers >make the one you want default >then remove all the others listed. These really slow IE8 so remove them.

    3 Then Click Tools >Delete Browser History, cookies, add ons, the whole lot. Do this regularly.Close the browser to set the settings.

    7. Ensure only one phishing filter program, and only one firewall program is used on the computer. Disable others that may be in other software, or disable the browser phishing filter

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    I can tell you in one, you cant download vista for free. Not because its not technologically possible, but because it is ilegal, and you will most certainly find trouble.

    Cracked versions of software are usually infected with spyware; would you be willing to risk being victim of identity fraud for the sake of a few bucks?

    You can set your web browser to remember passwords, but then again, unless you keep your antivirus software up-to-date and run regular scans, then i would suggest to keep this setting as is.

    The choice is yours:

    Tools - Options - Content Tab - Auto Complete - click all the check-boxes, includding the one: prompt me to remember passwords.

    As for the default icons on the start menu,you could give more information as to what you mean by that, but you can select the option "use personalized menus" within the properties of the start menu.

    Not sure about the download speed question.

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    you should use window XP CD to repair, there is an option stated as restoration whilst reinstalling with an present equipment on your disk. yet in the previous repairing, you may extra beneficial locate some anti-virus application to get rid of the virus first, or your repairing would not artwork. in specific circumstances, it relatively is confusing to bathe virus regardless of the main present anti-virus kit, then once you're stable at computing gadget application, i desire to propose you to apply ProcessExplorer and FileMonitor to ascertain the virus, or you are able to in basic terms locate help from some specialists

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