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請幫我的自傳翻成英文 ..

抱歉, 我的英文真的很爛, 一般白話文的對話還 ok .. 寫成文章就不行了。






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  • 1 decade ago
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    As head of more than four years, I think the cohesion to the business team has a absolute, a high degree of cohesion let employees costs have positive mental attitudes and ability of excellence.And implementation of time management and implement a marketing plan, the success of the business team the most important key, pursuant to the characteristics of each different colleagues, a tribute to the applicable, the secondary its play to our strengths, are you sure you perform business development, so we will be able to achieve a desired in return.

    Experience over the years by foreign banks to performance remained paramount baptism of enterprise culture, I have to cultivate a healthy mental quality and persevering work; I know how to maintain the excellent and smooth performance, and quickly by disappointment rose and equally important, because there is no excuse for any reason and is sufficient to cover up the failure of the facts.As for the management of business associates productivity, give a good reward, timely to encourage and decisive contributions, is as a leader of the most important task.

    In foreign banks in a wide range of system, with many different national colleagues I deeply appreciate the deep work constantly update themselves can only list the competitors.I hope that the fight for the opportunity to work abroad, face a brand new environment and market, breakthrough ego; I am sure that over the years, foreign enterprises gifted me with solid training and test of pressure that with the long hours of competition of the functions and tenacious traits and professional will be able to make me to overcome problems, contribute.


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