what's the difference between "lid" and "cap"?

what's the difference between "lid" and "cap"? i always feel confused when using them.

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    A cap goes on a bottle or a tube. A lid goes on jars and other containers.

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    4 years ago

    Lid Cap

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    Cap seems usually to be used for smaller containers, like toothpaste. I would say "lid" is the more general term, which means it always applies. Like, you can say a pen lid or a toothpaste lid, but you can also say "cap" if you want to be more specific. However, for something bigger, like a jar, you can't say "cap," but you can still say "lid." It's like the difference between "building" and "house." Something that is a house is (in most people's definitions) a building, but a building isn't always a house.

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  • 1 decade ago


    a cover for a container



    a lid or part that fits over the top of something


    Cap is a more general word.

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    to place a lid on something

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