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what are the different championships in baseball, to get to the series?

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    First round is the Division Series:

    There are 2 American League Division Series (Yankees vs. Twins & Angels vs. Red Sox), and 2 National League Division Series (Phillies vs. Rockies & Dodgers vs. Cardinals)

    Second record is Championship Series:

    2 winners from AL Division Series (Angels vs. Yankees) play each other in ALCS, and 2 winners from NL Division Series play each other in NLCS (Dodgers vs. Phillies OR Rockies)

    Then World Series (NL winner vs. AL winner)

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    If you get to the playoffs, you go to the Division series, which is best of 5.

    If you win 3 games there, you play the winner of the other Division series. This is best of 7 and called the Championship series.

    The winner from the ALCS and NLCS compete in the World Series, which is also a best of 7 series.

    The bracketing worked like this for 2009:

    Twins (AL Central) v. Yankees (AL East)- ALDS 1

    Angels (AL West) v. Red Sox (AL Wild Card)- ALDS 2

    Dodgers (NL West) v. Cardinals (NL Central)- NLDS 1

    Rockies (NL Wild Card) v. Phillies (NL East)- NLDS 2

    The Championship Series look like this:

    Yankees v. Angels- ALCS

    Dodgers v. Rockies/Phillies- NLCS

    The World Series looks like this:

    ALCS winner v. NLCS winner

    My guess is Dodgers v. Angels; I hope the Angels win it this year for Nick Adenhart.

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    okay if u mean to get to the world series then its like this

    AL - 4 teams go to the playoffs in the American League 2 different match ups based on the seeds and regular season these series are called the ALDS (American League Division Series) , then which ever teams win get to the next round which is called the ALCS (American League Championship Series) and then the one team that wins is in the world series

    NL - same thing as the AL just now its called the NLDS (National League Division Series) for them and then the NLCS (National League Championship Series) but still same situation and result

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    Well there's your Division Championship flag, I don't think that the NLDS is considered a Championship,but the NLCS defiantly is, it even has it in its name, and of coarse the WS Championship.

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    NLDS,NLCS, then the world series

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