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information about the move WALL-E.?

Please give 1 or 2 composer of the film WALL-e. Musical Influences about WALL-E, Annual/Nominations from WALL-e, and why you like it.

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    Here is the music department for the movie

    Bill Bernstein .... music editor

    Julian Bratolyubov .... music preparation

    Ashley Chafin .... music production coordinator

    Donna Cole-Brule .... music business affairs

    Greg Hayes .... score recordist

    Jill Iverson .... music production assistant

    Carl Johnson .... orchestrator

    Tom MacDougall .... music supervisor

    Larry Mah .... digital score recordist

    Chris Montan .... executive music producer

    Leslie Morris .... music contractor

    Thomas Newman .... conductor

    Michael O'Donnovan .... principal musician: bassoon

    Andrew Page .... music production manager

    Thomas Pasatieri .... orchestrator

    J.A.C. Redford .... orchestrator

    Tim Rodier .... music preparation

    Patrick Spain .... scoring assistant engineer

    Armin Steiner .... music recordist: orchestra

    Siobhan Sullivan .... music production assistant

    Gary K. Thomas .... orchestrator

    Thomas Vicari .... score mixer (as Tommy Vicari)

    Thomas Vicari .... score recordist (as Tommy Vicari)

    Michael Ziner .... assistant music editor (as Michael Zainer)

    And I have the list of rewards that is has won, including Best Animated Feature Film. I can't think of a reason why I like it, even through in my own opinion, the movie feels really long, longer then what is says the movie it is, the movie feels like it is a 3 hour film or longer, but it isn't.

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    I like the Wall-E theme song (the orchestra bit), playing in the background from its trailer.

    It's a song from the old TV show "Hogan's Heroes". It has different orchestration from the original.

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    i did not like it but i am 14. there were only like 5 words the entire movie. however it does have a good theme to it, kinda babyish. Toy story much better.

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