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NBA fantasy basketball trade?

is trading Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis for Lebron James a good trade?

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    Well It Is A Great Trade.

    The Starting Line-Up For The Cleveland Cavaliers:

    PG: Mo Williams

    SG: Delonte West

    SF: Jamario Moon

    PF: Rashard Lewis

    C: Dwight Howard

    The Starting Line-Up For The Orlando Magic:

    PG: Jamar Nelson

    SG: Vince Carter

    SF: LeBron James

    PF: Brandon Bass

    C: Marcin Gortat

    So The Trade Would Work Out. Nice Job.

  • Dave
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    1 decade ago

    The person trading Howard and Lewis is getting a bad deal. Howard is hands down, the most dominant center in the NBA, and Rashard Lewis is almost a guaranteed top-20 player. I fully believe that Lebron is the best player in basketball, but you would just be giving up too much to get him.

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    Lebron is a great roto player - he gives you stuff across the board. But the team with Howard can pretty much guarantee to be up near (if not at) the top in rebounds and blocks. I've always found it comforting to know that in fantasy, if I have Howard, I'm going to win (probably) those 2 categories. Lebron, as great as he is, you can get the rest of his production from a combination of other players. Plus, giving away Lewis is a git steep. My opinion, the trade is loaded to the manager who gets 2 for 1

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    Don't trade.

    Together, Howard and Lewis are 30/19/5/5/2

    James is 28/7/8/2/2

    Source(s): SK22™
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It could be debatable.

    If Lewis scores 8 points, has 6 assists, and maybe .5 steals, it will be an extremely bad trade.

    And he can.

    Lewis's numbers + Howard's numbers dominate James's numbers. Not to mention, if one of these players get injured, the other is most likely to get better stats.



    As much as I like him, Lewis is NOT a Top 20 player, Fantasy wise or Basketball wise. It could be debatable, yet I'm still in agreement with you in your overall viewpoint.

    King of Los Angeles-

    It's Fantasy Basketball... not reality NBA.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nah dwight is the best center in the nba and rashard lewis has the best 3 point range in the nba

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hell ya trading the whole magic team for lebron is a good deal i mean come on its lebron think about it

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    i does no longer do it. its super you get billups, notwithstanding overvalued, he gets you sturdy quantities of assists, a pair threes, pts, fts, steals. yet then you particularly get brewer, who's a severe-high quality participant, yet no longer as sturdy as wallce and parker. you may desire to shop wallace and parker. wallace provides you with rebounds, pts, and a few blocks. parker provides you with pts, fts, and a few assists and threes. until eventually your desperate for assists and dont choose that many pts and rebounds, then decide for it. i say your greater proper off no longer doing the commerce

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    If your getting Dwight its a pretty good trade but if your getting Bron then screw it.

    Source(s): Zabeeh's Brain
  • 1 decade ago

    hell no hell no hell no

    2 all star players for one ball hog, very dumb

    lewis lead the league in 3 pointers so now tell me if you think thats a good trade

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