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Question about the negative form in french?

I know how to create the negative form in french for an example:

Je ne le fais pas: I dont do this.

But this is what i have a question about, for example:

I dont lose anything, Je ne perds pas rien, you dont say that, you say je ne perds rien.

When do you replace the pas with a word like rien?

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    all your negative words will replace pas. like Je ne vois personne! je ne le fais jamais!

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    The English "no double negative" grammar rule is opposite in French; you have to have two negative words to make a negative statement in French, such as in your example "Je ne le fais pas."

    It doesn't matter what the negative is, there has to be two. The word "rien" being a negative, if you say "Je ne perds rien," the words 'ne' and 'rien' are your two negatives, so 'pas' is unnecessary.

    The word 'auncun' is also another negative word in French, meaning "none", such as in the sentence, "Je n'en ai vu aucun" (translated to "I have seen none"). Since it's also a negative, it replaces the 'pas' negative.

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    if you say Je ne perds pas rien its a double negative, so in this case you just have to remove the pas.

    There isnt really a specific time that you need to replace the pas its only when it sounds better with another word.

    The words that you can replace pas with are: rien, ni, jamais, personne, plus and que.

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    Ne....pas sort of translates as not ...it.

    Ne.....rien translates as no....thing. If you put Je Perds "I lost" in the middle of this you get "I lost no thing', more or less.

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    ne ... pas is the basic which means I dont eg je ne pas manger du biftek however there are other word you can switch out for pas such as rien which I think means never.

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    "rien" will always replace "pas"

    For example,

    Je n'aime rien = I like nothing/I don't like anything

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