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What is the best light beer?

I would like to find out what people think the best light beer might be. Thanks.

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    Top Ten American Lagers (Light Beer)

    1. Sam Adams Light

    Boston Beer Company

    Massachusetts, United States

    2. Yuengling Light Lager

    Yuengling Brewery

    Pennsylvania, United States

    3. Milwaukee's Best Light

    Miller Brewing Co. / SABMiller

    Wisconsin, United States

    4. Coors Light

    Coors Brewing Company

    Colorado, United States

    5. Amstel Light

    Amstel Brouwerij B. V.


    6. Shiner Light

    Spoetzl Brewery

    Texas, United States

    7. Abita Light

    Abita Brewing Co.

    Louisiana, United States

    8. Point Honey Light

    Stevens Point Brewery

    Wisconsin, United States

    9. Pabst Blue Ribbon Light

    Pabst Brewing Company

    Texas, United States

    10. Edison Light Beer

    New Century Brewing Company

    Massachusetts, United States

    American-Style Light Lager

    These beers are extremely light colored, light in body, and high in carbonation. Calorie level should not exceed 125 per 12 ounce serving. Corn, rice, or other grain or sugar adjuncts are often used. Flavor is mild, and hop bitterness and aroma is negligible to very low. Light fruity esters are acceptable. Chill haze and diacetyl should be absent.

  • Laura
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    4 years ago

    I drink a lot of Michelob Ultra, but the best beer I ever had was this stuff called Warsteiner that I drank when I was in Germany for 3 1/2 years. Warsteiner is a full flavored beer with a kick, but went down smooth.

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    Bud or Coors Light

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is an oxymoron! It contradicts itself!

    Why drink a diet beer! If you are counting calories, drink water. Every calorie in beer goes straight to FAT since they are empty calories!


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  • blank
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    1 decade ago

    natural light

    or budlight

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