Reliable extended car warranty?

Hello, my parents recently purchased a 2008 used vehicle and they're interested in purchasing extended warranty for the car. However all the sites I came across on google seem to be less than reputable. Is there any company out there that offers an extended warranty that's actually a good buy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Extended Warrantys are a Scam;

    They appear to offer Much ,I can assure You when you take a Vehicle in

    You are going to pay a Deductable and Shop will find something not covered caused the Problem:You will be paying the Bill;

    Ask Consumer Reports.They have valuable Info. on this Extended Warranty;

    Save Your Money and spend it on a Vo-Tech course on Autos;

  • 1 decade ago

    Only the warranties offered by the car makers themselves are reliable. Most of the others fight with you on every claim.

    HOWEVER, talk to the service writer at the dealership. They're the ones who have to file the claims with these companies. They keep a "black book" of the warranty companies that are difficult to work with.

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