How do I pronounce these words? They're in Greek.?

If you can give me word comparisons for parts or spelling it your own way, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks. =]

1) You are very handsome - Ise poli omorfos

2) You are very sweet - Ise poli glikos

3) Your eyes are very beautiful - Ta matia su einai poli omorfa

4) What a wonderful smile - Ti omorfo xamogelo

5) My love - Agapi mu

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    This is a plain transliteration. In most cases you can just pronounce 'a' as in 'that', 'e' as in 'get', 'o' as in 'lot' and 'i' as in 'kit'.

    Ok, I'll try explaining further (the caps are stressed):

    1) Ise poli omorfos - EE-seh poh-LEE Oh-mor-fos

    2) Ise poli glikos - EE-seh poh-LEE glee-KOS ('g' is soft, like 'w' in word)

    3) Ta matia su einai poli omorfa - tah MUH-t-heeah soo EE-neh poh-LEE OH-mor-fuh

    4) Ti omorfo xamogelo - TEE OH-morf-fo ha-MOH-ye-loh

    5) Agapi mu - uh-GHAH-pee moo

    hmm.. In order to enlighten you more, I'll do it my own way. Let's listen to some music!

    -Listening to the song "agapi mu" will help you understand the soft 'g'!

    Youtube thumbnail

    -Another song containing 'agapi' and 'gliko'

    Youtube thumbnail

    -A song containing 'ise omorfi' (female form of 'ise omorfos') at 00:53. Just ignore the double 'o' in the song.

    Youtube thumbnail

    -This songs repeats 'omorfi' more times at 00:32

    Youtube thumbnail

    -Having a hard time pronouncing 'matia' and 'omorfa' ? Listen to this song starting with 'ta omorfa (00:21) ta galana sou matia (00:25)'!

    Youtube thumbnail

    -I found a whole phrase with 'ta matia su' at 01:15

    Youtube thumbnail


    -A fun song with a nice pronunciation of 'xamogelo' at 01:22

    Youtube thumbnail

    (just ignore the double 'o's Ok? it's a song.


    Source(s): I'm Greek and I like having fun while learning.
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