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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationFishing · 1 decade ago

How do I get a job on a fishing boat?Serious People who know about fishing only PLEASE!!?

We live in NY and my husband has alot of fishing experience and we are willing to move out of state or internationally...Any tips or Advice!!Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When I was much younger, I used to work on fishing boats when I got strapped or was between gigs (I am a full-time pro musician). So, I think I am qualified to offer advice on the subject. My first real job (at age 16) was working on a shrimp boat out of Galveston, Tx. That was about 40+ yars ago.

    There are many types of fishing boats. You need to have an idea about what kind of fishing you want to do. I worked on shrimp boats, and mostly, fishing charter boats.

    In my opinion, working as a mate on charter boats is as good as it gets. The work is easy, and the pay is fantastic for what you are doing. Basically, you are being paid to help people catch fish...that's it. And then, you spend a few hours cleaning the boat, equipment and rigs after you dock. That's about it. I worked on charter boats out of Destin, Fla. for years. All you do is just go to the charters office, and tell them you'd like to sign on as a mate, when a position opens up. There is a lot of turnover, so it might not be too long of a wait.

    If you are wanting to get into the commercial fishing business, it's a little harder. Many of the jobs may require you to be a union member. I have worked on several Alaska jobs. You will work 14-16- hour days, and be at sea for several months at a time, with little or no contact with the outside world. The pay was fantastic. On a salmon boat, I made near $10,000 a month, and since there was no where to spend it, I had it all when came ashore, everytime. But bear in mind, you only get to work a few months out of the year, so this pay is it, unless you do like I did, and work at other jobs for the rest of the year. And there are other jobs, such as floating canneries and processing boats, that pay even better. To hire on for these jobs, you can apply directly to the boat, or go to for more information.

    I quit working fishing boats about 10 years ago, because I don't have to anymore. I have reached a point in my music career to where it is self-supoorting now. But I have many fond memories of my adventures in commercial fishing. It was a lot of hard, dangerous work, but I would'nt trade those experiences for anything in the world.

    Good luck....

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  • 1 decade ago

    By experience I hope you mean ABS or Deckhand or Captain. If not, just like anyone else, he starts as a deckhand and proves himself.

    Commercial Fishing is a pretty serious job, and Captains do not leave the logbooks unguarded for a very good reason, so a clear criminal history also is a help.

    But go for it, if that is your shared dream, make it a reality or at least try.

    My boats name is Nor Egrets.

    I am a sailor now, but grew up amongst and on Commercial Fishing Vessels all my life.

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    3 years ago

    that's a no longer difficulty-free one. reality be popular, that's extremely stressful to get an truthfully "fishing" interest. the only genuine shot you have is to get into close by tournaments, get observed via doing properly consitantly, then get a sponsor or 2. As I mentioned, it relatively is stressful to do yet many human beings have been powerful in this, I desire i ought to assert i replaced right into a form of persons. You do ought to keep in mind, even however human beings get observed and get sponsors it does no longer recommend they could do no longer something yet fish and make a residing in basic terms from that. countless situations it relatively is not truthfully funds funds yet kit quite alongside with a pair of greenbacks right here and there. you will make plenty extra putting properly in a journey state of affairs quite than in step with sponsors. yet while human beings do place properly numerous situations in a excursion or single tournaments they could artwork their way as much as larger tournaments which will earnings further and further sponors to that end extra oppurtunity to make extra funds. My dad certainly has a stable pal which replaced into fortunate adequate to get numerous sponsors over the years and he now makes adequate for a small residing with fishing on my own inspite of the certainty that he did no longer provide up his day interest. I talked to him slightly approximately it and he mentioned it relatively is not consistently what it relatively is "cracked out" to be. you ought to be very committed to assert the least. He mentioned many situations while it replaced into 30 stages or a hundred thirty stages he replaced into "required" to fish, regardless of the climate. If he chosen to no longer, probabilities of dropping sponors have been extraordinarily extreme which might wreck all of his stressful artwork and success from the previous. in case you're very committed to it and could manage to pay for vacationing and what no longer there's no longer something in any respect incorrect with taking photographs for that purpose. You in no way understand what the destiny holds.

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