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(Cooking) What's the difference between unripe red tomatoes and green tomato types?

I'm seeing all these recipes for things to do with green tomatoes but is this the same as ripe tomatoes naturally green?

Will cooked unripe tomatoes give one a stomach ache??


No that's not what I meant. There are tomatoes that are green when really ripe! What I'm asking is whether "green tomato" recipes are asking for that or can you substitute sour green unripe ones. Thanks.

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    I used to wonder the same thing myself, but I'm pretty sure that "green tomatoes" like those used in "fried green tomatoes" are just unripe regular tomatoes:

    There is another type of similar "tomato" that's in the same family though that is truly green when it's ripe. It's called a tomatillo, and has a brown papery husk on the outside when picked.

    Tomatillos are used for making salsas and other "green" Mexican sauces (salsa verde, etc) in particular, but I guess can be used in other ways too just like chopped tomatoes might be:

    I don't know if unripe regular tomatoes could be substituted for tomatillos though and taste *quite* the same since they are different plants.


    Diane B.

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    Fried green tomatoes are unripe red tomatoes. Tomatillos aren't tomatoes but they are related. There are unusual varieties of tomatoes that are green when ripe though.

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    A tomato of Any variety is green before it is ripe.

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