Do Americans really not want universal health care or is the insurance companies that ones who say we don't?


My question is more leaning towards if it's not mandatory....

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My question is more leaning towards if it's not mandatory....

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    Polls show 61% of the US population want a public option. Only 34% don't want it.

    The insurance companies are pushing a bunch of lies and paying for people to show up and disrupt townhall meetings to make it seem like a lot are against it.

    It says a lot that they have to tell lies about the plan. Must be because they don't have any valid arguments against it.

    I've known people from other countries and they can't fathom our problems with it. I have a friend who moved to Canada from the US and he really likes their system. He's worried about coming back to the US because he won't be able to be insured for his pre-existing problem.

    From reading the other posts here, it seems a lot of people don't understand that people don't have a choice about insurance. Plenty of hard working people can't get health insurance.

    And personally, I don't want some rich money making CEO deciding my medical care. If I have to choose between the government and someone looking to make a huge profit, I'll take the government. It's naive to think that insurance companies don't share your personal health information. They do, they have a whole system set up for it.

    To the person babbling about predatory lawyers and malpractice. that's a myth. Most medical malpractice suits are very expensive to bring and not something done frivolously. If doctors would bother to communicate with their clients and read test results and monitor their peers, most of the suits would go away. It's just another set of insurance companies trying to make a huge profit. Limiting lawsuits in California had no effect on malpractice premiums. It did hurt the victims of very poor doctors.

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    It is the majority of Americans who do not want Universal Health Care with the government as the single-payer. Congress is not proposing that type of plan, only some sort of plan where the individual can choose the government plan or a private one and most Americans do not want any type of government-run plan.

    Americans prefer health insurance remain mostly in the private sector until they lose their job, join the armed forces, become disabled or reach age 65. The V.A. is like an HMO with its own medical facilities. Medicare allows a person to see any doctor and reimburses partial medical costs but that is not financially sound. Now that baby boomers are retiring in 2 years, there is a chance of Medicare being insolvent.

    We already have a Public Health Service which has clinics. I have never heard or read why those cannot be expanded and beefed up rather than another bureaucracy which inevitably becomes wasteful and has no oversight because it is too large.

    I think we should have a hybrid cost-efficient plan. Private insurers have no regulation and are expensive but Americans are afraid of radical change. Doctors get a better reimbursement from private insurers but other costs and entanglements are associated with this arrangement. Patients think doctors are free to treat and dispense advice with private corporations and feel the government will deny care in order to save money. I don't agree because the government is non-profit and does not have shareholders to satisfy. I think there is plenty of freedom for patients who have Medicare and Medigap insurance or Medicaid.

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    Needless to say, the current approach to healthcare is unsustainable. I think that we as Americans are in a unique position. We want the benefits of universal care without the costs associated with it. Because of our Capitalist tradition, many Americans have an attitude that all goods and services should be something that the receiving individual pays for. Unfortunately, the modern world of the social order, human technology, and resource consumption creates a rift between that idea and what is actually possible. Insurance companies, while claiming they are losing money if they continue to provide care for the policyholders they drop, create a large amount of overhead in healthcare spending. They, like any other institution, have a certain degree of self-interest in the marketplace. Obviously they wouldn't be spending over a million dollars a day lobbying congress if they didn't think competition from a public plan or severe restrictions would cut a lot of their profits and make their CEOs earn their bonuses. Insurance companies also emphasize the stigma associated with universal coverage in order to minimize the resistance from congress and the public. They do this through ads and their own public opinion polls.

    I have a personal bias too. I will admit to that right now. All I want to see is everyone that needs healthcare to have good coverage at a price that is affordable. We're already paying for other people to get charity and emergent care through our insurance premiums. But as we have said before, that is not sustainable. More people are losing their insurance every day as the price of coverage continues to climb. And safety net providers are insufficient in this country to make sure that those who can't afford care at least get basic coverage. If we can figure out a way to create a fair system that transitions us from the current way of doing things into a more cost-effective, comprehensive, and easy-to-access approach, I am all for it. But something does need to change.

    Source(s): 2nd year Master of Public Health student.
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    Most Americans do not support universal health care because treatment becomes very time-consuming. If you don't need health insurance, then any bum off the street can just walk into the doctor's office and receive treatment, making you wait while you have a legitimate sickness/injury/reason to be at the doctor's office. Plus, the economy is already in shambles right now, why put insurance companies out of business? Does that even make sense?

    No, it doesn't. Why put another group of companies out of business just to "fix" a simple "problem"? Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats think our health care system isn't fair, and that 45 million Americans are without health insurance. What people aren't telling you, is that the 45 million is skewed, it's been exaggerated. 22 million of the 45 million Americans without insurance are illegal immigrants. The other 23 million people without insurance, are living in poverty. Instead of universal healthcare, why not just make insurance more affordable to 23 million Americans, instead of hasseling the other 300 million Americans?

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    The only way to pay for universal health care is to outlaw all existing forms of paying for health insurance - employer pay or individual pay.

    That is the only way the government could possibly make us swallow the pill of the huge new tax that would be needed to pay for the kind of universal health care the rest of the world has.

    But Obama promised not to start any new taxes, and inexplicably, it is the one campaign promise he refuses to break no matter how urgently necessary it is to do otherwise.

    Funny, he has not trouble totally disregarding every other promise he made. But that one promise, the stupdest one imaginable, is the one that is cast in concrete and unbreakable for some reason.

    So even when Obama does the right thing, he does it for the stupidest possible reason no matter how much harm it does.

    It is impossible to finance universal health care without a massive tax. If that tax could be offset by eliminating all other forms of health insurance premium payments, it might have a chance of sprouting wings.

    But Obama drove a stake in its heart before he even started. So as usual, we are now rolling helplessly down the Obama water slide into the mud pit of failure.

    It's getting hard to believe he was really much of a community organizer, seeing how badly he arranges everything else.

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    The insurance companies, who donated more money to Max Baucus than any other congressman, want mandatory insurance, as is reflected in the Baucus bill. This bill will force Americans to buy health insurance from health insurance companies. What better way to ensure that your business will succeed than to mandate that people buy your products and services. And to think, most people think insurance companies DON'T want health care reform to pass... They are tricking people.

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    Polls show that Americans DO want single payer health insurance, to the tune of 77% in favor. It would be similar to Medicare, just available for all. Many doctors and nurses also support this option. They have formed a group that is going around the nation trying to INFORM people, to combat the disinformation that is being propagated by the health insurance/pharmaceutical corporations. THEY have billions to spend, we just have each other - that it is worth BILLIONS to the corporations to continue to lie to us, SHOULD tell us something.

    The single payer option is the least "friendly" for the health insurance corporations, the best option for us.

    They currently have 6 lobbyists PER Congressman and spend $1.4 MILLION dollars A DAY to keep this option off the table.

    Imagine what could be accomplished if this money were ACTUALLY spent on health care.

    The insurance corporations are sweating bricks to keep us from getting ANY reform. They realize what many do not, that they serve NO purpose in this, they are ONLY money handlers and are completely expendable, THEY are the "death panels" and THEY are the ones that stand between you and your doctor. By refusing YOU health care, they make their bonuses. REALLY.

    Their executive are the highest paid of ALL executives, their pay exceeding that of Wall St brokers, bank, and oil executive CEO's.

    The ONLY thing they do is collect the money WE pay in premiums and decide whether or not we get treatment and what treatment we get.

    By eliminating THEM as middle man, we would save the 18% spent on advertising, the billions spent on executive pay, perks and bonuses, and the money spent on lobbyist and pay-offs to "our" elected representatives. This money would then be available to be spent on ACTUAL health care - imagine THAT!

    OF COURSE they don't want to give up the golden calf - why should they, if YOU could get what they get for killing people legally, wouldn't you? This of course would only work if you had no conscience, which seems a prerequisite for being a health care executive. Legal "hit-men"

    They would obviously do ANYTHING to keep feeding at the trough - they are obviously doing a good job of it too... look at the responses you are getting.

    People, INFORM yourselves, TRUTH is always the best option, you won't get it from watching TV or listening to the radio - those people are well paid corporate hacks, they don't care anything about you, they are PAID to tell you what their handlers WANT you to hear.

    That is is worth BILLIONS to the health care insurance corporations to distract, deflect, distort and LIE SHOULD tell YOU something.

    Currently, 45,000 people DIE every year from inadequate health care in AMERICA, these are PREVENTABLE deaths, not the regular people that would die anyway. That is 15 - 9/11 events EVERY YEAR. People that died needlessly - think about it, WHY are you helping them continue to kill needlessly more Americans than "terrorists" have?

    80% of the bankruptcies in this country are from health care bills - most of these people HAD insurance. WTF?

    Rick Scott - one of the biggest "behind the curtain men" and former CEO of a HCC was fined $1.7 BILLION dollars for Medicaid fraud. Eliminating fraud would save us billions of dollars as well.

    We CAN afford this, we can't afford to continue the way we are going.

    Profits before people is downright EVIL.

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    Well really what information have Americans been given? From the UK, seeing the protests ("we dont want Hitler socialism" "Stalin out" "OBAMA NAZI" etc.), it really doesnt look like you've been given a fair point of view (Six health care lobbyists for every member of congress & the amount spent by the healthcare INDUSTRY - note: it should be a service for the PEOPLE, not for money-

    The fact that Cuba, which has a fully functional National Health Srvice has a lower infant mortality rate than the US, and that the UK has a higher life expectancy, kind of proves Mr Obama's point. ANother great example is right here:

    If you really think those trying to profit from your ill health (American healthcare companies) are more worthy than those who have no financial gain or a smell of money.

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    I am an older American (62) and have yet to speak with anyone who favors The Obama Health Care Bill. I have spoken with more than 100 people all of whom have grave reservations and in many cases fear of the plan.

    So few people have not taken the time to research and evaluate the plan and only form an opinion of what it is, from comments on forums such as this, that they blindly defend a massive piece of legislation that will take a decade to sort out.

    The Obama administration has blatantly lied to the American people about the contents of the bill. Congress has enacted rules which exempts them from participation. The bill includes free health care for illegal aliens. In many cases eliminates a patients right to select their physician and some patients can be refused treatment based on projected success rate of that treatment. Failure to participate WILL be cause for massive fines on individuals. The Obama administration has called for supporters to shout down the opposition in order to silence it critics. The Obama administration repeatedly denies each of these statements, but those Americans who have investigated the bill can and do vouch for the authenticity of these statements. There are so many more parts of the bill that are vague or open to broad interpretation that much of the bill is bound for Supreme Court action. I estimate fewer than 5 to 7 percent of Congress have read or even scanned through the bill, yet they are going to force Americans to be covered by it. I know few, if any, Obama supporters will do the research, relying instead on the pablum dished out by the administration. I challenge all Americans to check out the actual bill and see for yourselves. Please be skeptical enough of my statements to look for yourselves and find out who is lying to you. I guarantee it isn't me.

    Source(s): One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. For now! You have the power at your fingertips to decide for yourselves, use it!
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    We have free health care at the clinic and it sucks @$S.

    Do you really want to limit EVERYBODY to the piss pour quality of care you get at the V.A. hospitals?

    No the American people really don't want Nobamacare.

    As for greedy insurance companies, we could straighten them out if people were allowed to shop across state lines for insurance. The govt. mandates are the reason health insurance costs so much.

    Remember my young padawan it was Ted Kennedy that gave us the HMO bastards.

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