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how come the britsh fughters suck so much?

even in boxing they act and call out american fighters (hatton,prince naseem,bisping,amir Khan ect ect...) then they suck sooooo bad!! i these british act like theyre british pride rules and they beet up other british and a few lower class american fighters then try to fight the top americans and get completely exposed! look at naseem hamed, the british were saying that he was better then even ali!! then he fights an elite american and looks like a straight up street fighter with NO skills? same for hatton but he got beet up even worse then prince! amir already shown if you touch his chin he can be beaten! and im not even gonna get into detail about bisping! i am no fighter so im not saying i can beat them, but GOOD fighters certainly can. again why are all british fighters over hyped and get knocked the hell out when fighting the AMERICANS!!!!!! HAHA!!!


i feel so bad for thease british...they beet up no bodys so they build there ego up, then they challenge the best americans and they get beet up and bullied....poor poor british...

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    British fighters focus so much energy on being British that they forget to actually train for fights. For example, On TUF 9, Michael Bisping spend about 90% of the show talking trash about "the yanks" and how Britain is better than America. Henderson, on the other hand, didn't talk trash more than twice (when he called Bisping a douchebag and a *****), and instead focused on preparing for the fight. We all saw what happened when the cage was locked.

    Same thing Dan Hardy. He talked so much $h!t about Marcus Davis, and even though he lost the fight, they still gave him the decision. Now he thinks his farts smell good. Same with Hatton and Naseem and all the British Douches.

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    It's expensive to recruit the most physically gifted athletes, have the best trainers, employ the top sparring partners, and stock the most effective coaches. It takes a huge fan base to develop a culture that is deep enough in human and financial resources to deliver those types of fighters. If MMA or boxing hit the top 5 as far in sports in England go after Soccer "Futbol", Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, and Equestrian athletics, we'd start to see a big improvement in their fighters.

    Jamaican-Canadian Lennox Lewis sometimes fought under the British crown as an Englander and he was a pretty bad dude.

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    well lets see they probably suck the same way american fighters suck in boxing the only good american boxers are in heavy wieghts cause no mexicans are that big the rest of the wieght classes are dominated with fighters from mexico and in ufc all the good fighters are from brazil

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    why..oh why...in the year 2009 are we STILL hearing stupid, idiotic racist comments such as this question? <<<much better question to ask.

    no race, or country is superior to another. get over it and open your mind. besides didn't the UK team win TUF?

    also remember..when talking about mma etc...they're relatively new to it still at this point.

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    Because, They're british they lost to America in revoulationary War when all we had was like 60,000 People. And they had over 400,000. British people can't fight :)

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    uhhh hello? if they couldn't beat us in the revolutionary war, how do you expect them to beat us now. why do u think we broke off from them ******* in the first place.

    USA USA USA USA!!!!!

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    Americans have the best of everything. Our country is a melting pot. So, we get a little bit of everything, and we get the best of everything.

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    i dont know

    becuase we dont use streroids?

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