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How and Where Can I Sell Hair Removal Wax?

Hi there, I'm looking to sell 100% All Natural Sugar and Lemon Juice Wax.

I understand that many people out there want to "wax hair" but I would like to supply the wax for them. I believe my product helps all types of hair and really gets down to the root of the hair to help reduce it from growing back.

How should I start getting my product out there and be the product-of-choice?

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    I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer your marketing question but if you need a laugh see what happen when she tried hot-waxing , hysterical, if a bit long winded. Obviously she should have tried laser hair removal or hair removal lotions instead or your lemon and sugar !

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  • 3 years ago

    confident. And the reward of procuring there is so which you may use the product precise in the aisle because of the fact all and sundry that shops there feels like they're residing house in the trailer park. have you ever observed the fat women flaunting their **** or the fat adult adult males exhibiting their crack?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you want to try to sell it online, do some promotion using google adword, craiglist, etc

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