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Do replica designer wedding dresses have the label in it or is there no label?

For example if I were to buy a replica Maggie Sottero or Vera Wang dress would the 'Maggie Sottero' or 'Vera Wang' label be inside the dress. Please help Thanks!

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    No, if it had that label it would be a counterfeit, not a replica. Most likely it will have no label or the label of the company that made it. In some cases, it may have a label that is similar such as "Wera Vang".

    But general rule of thumb, if it has a label that looks like the real thing, it is a counterfeit and that is a very bad business -- dont support it.

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    No its against the law to have a designer label inside a copy for obvious reasons.

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    no it wont have a label, but that shouldnt matter its thestyle your after right

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