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iPod Touch or iPhone feature?

Which one the iphone or itouch has that feature where you are listening to a song and you don't know the name of it and you can just put your itouch or iphone up to the speaker and it tells you the name of the song. And what's the name of that feature.

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    that's Shazam. it's not a built in feature but you can get it free from the App Store.

    Shazam is compatible with all versions of iPhone and the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch that have a headset with a microphone in it

  • I actually don't think that either of them have it, but maybe "there's an app for that." If I had to take a pick as to which one would have it, it would be the iPhone because the iPod touch doesn't come with a built in mic. I am certain that the only feature they have that is similar to what you described is the iPhone and the 32/64gb models of the iPod Touch have a voice control feature which allows you to control your music or even ask it what song is playing via the headphones which have a microphone.

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    I think AT&T Cingular is the only phone service that can do that so far, so if you have an iPhone with AT&T then you should be able to hold the phone to the speaker and it will let you know what song it is


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    That is an app for i phone it is called shazam you need the microphone on the phone to use it.

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