Depression and problems regarding girlfriend..please help me out..?

I am from India. I am about 14 1/2 years old and have a girlfriend of my same age. We both have been together for 1 1/2 years now and we both love each other so much.

in out country, having a girlfriend at this age is seen as 'wrong' and 'unacceptable' by people a generation behind us. So when our school principal came to know about our relationship, she demanded both of us stop the affair. Also our parents came to know and even they demanded we even stop seeing each other or even talking to each other.

and on Friday, our principal had called my gf to her chamber to ask her about something related to me. Since we both cant talk in the classroom, i had to tell her to meet me in a classroom after school-hours to tell me what the problem was. But then one of the teachers saw us going in and since a girl n a guy were in a room together, he took an entirely different meaning to it(though we never did anything physical, we just talked) and the teacher concerned also reported the incident to our principal.

NoW the principal who already was angry at me despises me and yesterday she called me to her chamber and threatened to suspend me from school. She also slapped me really hard and my ears were ringing for some time. She embarrassed me and now the whole staff of out school know about this incident.

No one apart from a few pals and my gf are standing by me now. I am already suffering from depression and this has made my situation worse. I don't even want to go to school anymore because everyone stares at me uglily like as if i'm an outcast or something like that.

I know that you might say that we don't feel 'real' love at this age n stuff, but i did, period!

Please suggest me ways to get out of this mess..plz help me out, i beg of you all..

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    Wow! that's a lot for a 14 year old to go through. I Truly believe you are in Love please do not let that feeling slip. She is standing beside you and that is how you also know she really loves you too. Maybe play it cool...lay low for a while with her, but tell her you do not want her to think you are ignoring her. (When is it ok to date/have a girlfriend in the eyes of elders?) I guess secretly have a girlfriend.

    Also hitting you is not an option it is wrong!!! maybe you can go above that person and get them in trouble???

    I am sorry you are going through this but remember your Love it will continue on! Someday, hopefully soon you will be able to let the whole world know.

    Also your friends/so-called friends are just jealous!!!

    Keep smiling just focus on your Love and your depression will cease, and you will be a lot happier! Best Wishes

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    a million) have you ever suffered from melancholy? sure I even have 2) if so, grew to become into you ever medically diagnose with melancholy? sure i grew to become into 3) Did you receive any form of drugs? if so - a acceptance of the medicine you have been on could be a great deal favored. there have been numerous i grew to become into on, i don't undergo in innovations the names, Lithium grew to become into the main one. 4) have you ever self harmed? no 5) have you ever made an attempt to take your individual existence? No, the reason i've got not is the concern of the attempt being unsuccessful. 6) How long did you go through with melancholy? melancholy isn't something that in simple terms comes to a decision to pass away at some point and not return. it is nonetheless there, it constantly would be. i'm waiting to renowned it and cope with it greater desirable than i grew to become right into some years in the past. it is not going away thoroughly, and it is important that I understand that.

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