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coma or parilized? my fiance ,v long distance relationship,had accident now in coma state,but she does respond?

she does respond to pain. and when i talk to her on phone i can arouse her to the point of some head and shoulder movement,aparantly iam the only one who can do question is this a coma or is this a case of being parilized,this was a headinjury,,what should i do?will i be able to inprove her situation if i go there and try to stimulate her more by touch and voice,,or is this a case of being parilized,,and cant inprove,,pls i need advice

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    It depends on where she responds to pain. If the doctors prick her big toe with a pen, do her toes react? If her toes do not react then she could be paralyzed, you should ask the doctors this.

    What is not commonly known about coma patients is that getting out of a coma takes several weeks to months. The fact that she responds to your voice shows that is no longer in a medically defined coma, but she will need a lot of physical therapy before she can do anything like walking or even talking.

    If she is actually responding then she is not in a coma. It means her brain waves are more active therefore she is medically not in a coma.

    How long was she in a coma? A coma longer than 2 months has a very poor prognosis. If they ever get out of the coma, the chance of them being able to speak and interact like they used to is incredibly slim.

    I'm sorry for your situation. But you should really direct these questions to the professionals that are caring for her. Good luck.

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    If it was a recent head injury, it can improve, and it is paralysis BTW, let's hope temporary. Swelling must go down before any prognosis, or surgicval intervention, as dictated by needs. But if it is an old head injury, not much can be done. Yes, ask the doctors.

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    You should be asking the doctors this question not us.

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