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WWE vs TNA 2010 Greatest E-Fed(Sign Up)?

WWE vs TNA 2010 Greatest E-Fed(Sign Up)?

In January 2010 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling declared War on World Wrestling Entertainment.TNA's top guys signed long term contracts to TNA and they are ready to try take WWE over and become the biggest company in Pro Wrestling.It is now down to you to complete the rest of the story.You can either be a Superstar from WWE or a Superstar from TNA.One person can even be the Owner of WWE and I will be controlling TNA.It is my job to try run you out of business and it is yours to stop me.If the owner in WWE is doing a bad job then he could be reported by his fellow superstars and may get fired.If people think I am doing a bad job then they can tell me and I may step down as Owner if I don't fix things.If you are unhappy in a company you can asked to be released and you can ask the other company to sign you.You can also ask for title shots and match requests.Here are the rosters for both companies.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Dixie Carter(Owner and is played by me, Alex)


A.J. Styles(TNA World Heavyweight Champion)(SHAUN COLD STUNNER (XUWE)

Alex Shelley

Amazing Red

Bobby Lashley(money money yeah yeah)

Booker T

Brother Devon

Brother Ray

Brutus Magnus

Chris Sabin

Cody Deaner

Consequences Creed

D'Angelo Dinero(TNA X Division Champion)


Doug Williams

Dr. Stevie

Eric Young



James Storm(TNA World Tag Team Champions with Robert Roode)

Jay Lethal

Jeff Jarret(Me)

Jesse Neal

Jethro Holliday

Kevin Nash(TNA Legends Champion)


Kurt Angle(No Ronaldo, No Problem)

Matt Morgan

Mick Foley(Ryan)


Rob Terry

Robert Roode(TNA World Tag Team Champions with James Storm)

Samoa Joe(No Ronaldo, No Problem)

Scott Steiner

Shark Boy

Sheik Abdul Bashir



Alissa Flash;

Raisha Saeed

Awesome Kong(TNA Knockouts Champion)

Christy Hemme



Lacey Von Erich

Madison Rayne(TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions with Velvet Sky)


Sarita(WWE Fan 22 & Also wants to return as Chyna)

Sojourner Bolt


Taylor Wilde

Traci Brooks

Velvet Sky(TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions with Maddison Rayne)

World Wrestling Entertainment(Owned by Roadrash 2079)

Big Show(WWE Unified Tag Team Champions with Chris Jericho)


Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters

Cody Rhodes

Evan Bourne


Jack Swagger(WWE United States Champion)

Jamie Noble

John Cena(Conner (Destroyer) YAWF owner)

Kofi Kingston

Mark Henry

The Miz

Montel Vontavious Porter


Randy Orton(Ryan)

Santino Marella

Shawn Michaels(Jeff)

Ted DiBiase(WWE Champion)( Mike Adams (EYAF Owner))

Triple H(Freddy 654)

Alicia Fox

Beth Phoenix(WWE Divas Champion)

Gail Kim(wwe divas_16)


Kelly Kelly


Mickie James

Rosa Mendes

Batista(World Heavyweight Champion) (wwe and 3dg rocker)

Charlie Haas

Chris Jericho(WWE Unified Tag Team Champions with Big Show)

CM Punk(Edgecution)

Curt Hawkins

David Hart Smith

Dolph Ziggler(WWE Intercontinential Champion)

Drew McIntyre

Edge( Mike Adams (EYAF Owner)

Eric Escobar


The Great Khali

Jimmy Wang Yang

John Morrison



Kung Fu Naki

Matt Hardy(Mad KaT(Egg Salad is good)

Mike Knox


Rey Mysterio


Slam Master J

Tyson Kidd

The Undertaker




Melina(wwe divas_16)

Michelle McCool(WWE Womens Champion)


Christian(Jason Cage)

Ezekiel Jackson


Paul Burchill

Shelton Benjamin

The Hurricane/Gregory Helms


Tommy Dreamer

Tyler Reks

Vladimir Kozlov

William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu

Zack Ryder(ECW World Champion)

Brie Bella

Katie Lea Burchill

Nikki Bella

You can choose any Superstar from any company you want or you can take the though job of being the owner. If you are the owner you will book all the shows for the companies and must show me the script and I will post it. Thanks and Please join and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.


RVD Ammo Riderz you have to choose a superstar then you control their career,you can change companies and ****,ya you can do that shaun cold no problems,neslito you can have both of them no problem,sorry but AJ Styles is already taken

Update 2:

kurt angle is also taken

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    i'm already aj can i also be sting

    and on my other account (money money yeah yeah) i'm already bobbby lashley can i switch to jerishow

    if fallen diablo wants sting give it 2 him i guess i'll just take Booker T

  • Jack!
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I'll Join Yeah

    Rey Mysterio or John Morrison.

    Preferably Rey Mysterio.

  • 1 decade ago

    Evan Bourne or Alex Shelley

  • 1 decade ago

    Yo Alex I thought I was the WWE Owner...

    Also can you email me because I have the first drafts of Raw and ECW when do you want them?

    I'm just finishing off Smackdown.

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  • 1 decade ago

    WWE owns TNA besides vince might buy TNA next year it was all over sports center the other day maybe after he buys TNA it won't suck as bad we could have mcfoley back and sting and plus WWE is better than TNA by a land slide.

  • 1 decade ago

    I want to The Undertaker or Shawn Micheals

  • Aw cool! I've always wanted to be in a e-fed. Dibs on Evan Bourne , Suicide, or MVP if they aren't taken

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i dont get this do we just take one of the superstars place like do i say iam Shawn Michaels and then you put my name next to him

    Edit can i be Brother D Von and Brother Ray

  • Jerishow or Hurricane and Undertaker

  • 1 decade ago

    Are there any Manager positions open? I'm pretty well trained with being managers of e-feds. If there isn't...

    Jack Swagger

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