New Shocks!! Now Sway Bar link bad!! help!?

Took my 2003 Rav4 (47k miles on it) to the shop to get an oil change, which I do every 3-4 months.

This was a few days ago. I was told I needed new shocks in the back and they showed me where they were leaking. I decided to go ahead and get them.

The day after getting them, the back of my car started to make sounds.. Then the sounds stopped. I figured they were just getting settled.

Then I went to an apointment I go to every other thursday where I park on somewhat of an incline (not really a hill). After leaving this time, I noticed all the way home this sound in the back, like a metal sound.

I went to the shop first thing in the morning, told them I NEVER had this sound before the shocks were put in.

They told me they would change the shocks, I went home to wait. They called me and wanted to sell me "better shocks" for $100 more. I declined, then they called back saying "we'll put the better ones on because you are one of our best customers".

So, I get a call later saying the new shocks are on, but they hear a little sound in the back and it's the sway bar link. WHAT? They said its not bad and if I had the radio on, I wouldn't be able to hear the sound.

I go to pick up my car and it sounds the EXACT same as when I left it, same sound.

I am so mad! They are telling me a new sway bar link is $49 EACH side, which sounds high.

How do I know now that is what I need? Why did I not have this noise before they messed with my shocks?

I am angry because the new shocks they put in are white, and it makes my car look bad in the back. ugh! They totally stand out.

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    i would say it,s probably the sway bar bushings instead of the whole link. probably what happened was when they put the new shocks on it made a stiffer ride and the link is rubbing on metal. just go to auto zone and pick up some bushings and see if that helps. as for the color of the shocks you could always paint them.

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    I would take it someplace else for a 2nd opinion.

    If the shocks were leaking, they needed replacement, so that's good. But it doesn't sound like these guys are real mechanics, and they didn't diagnose the problem correctly. Still, they didn't rip you off on the new shocks although I'm sure their price was a little high.

    Rear Stabilizer links are about $20-25 each side from Rock Auto. See if you can find a shop who will install these parts if you buy them online. Some shops will and some won't.

    Why didn't you have the noise before? Probably because both the links and the shocks were worn out. When you replaced the shocks with new, stiffer ones, it caused the worn out links to act more problematically. Just because you did not hear them before does not mean they weren't worn out. The problem is more acute now, that's all.

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    5 years ago

    Severe loss of control when driving. The components you mentioned will also cause excessive tire wear because the shocks purpose is to keep the tires firmly planted on the road surface. Of course the stabilizer links and sway bar bushing are all associated with the shocks and tires also. If you had to make any emergency maneuver on the highway to get out of trouble, you car response would be terrible and possible cause an accident. I was in a car that went into the ditch because of a tie rod that was worn and needed replacement before this incident. I shudder to think what could have happened if the other side ( that was just as bad ), had been the one to let lose and the car would have went to the left and into the other lane of traffic!

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    If there's anything loose with the sway bar it's probably not the links, but the bushings.

    Why do you keep going back to a shop that obviously doesn't know what they're doing and will obviously keep taking your money for making things worse.

    You replace shocks when they go bad. Not because somebody shows you an oil spot. That was enough to show that those clowns were crooks.

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    Breath relax and enjoy the ride... "THE MECHANICAL RIDE" Whatever they have done let it be. Have them right done that it is the sway bar that is making that noise and then get a second opinion. The sway bar is not a life threatening piece, so it can wait for a second opinion. This stuff happens, fix one problem get another one. As for the white shocks, see what the manager can do after you find out about the link. GOOD LUCK

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    The link's probably rattling more now because the new shocks have stiffened up the ride, and no pun intended but they're now the weak link. Price if labour is included is not bad. Take a can of black spray paint in and have them do a spray job for you. Gee chill man it's not total mayhem it can be cured easily. A nice approach gets best results, please remember that in dealing with the shop, as it sounds like they are trying to cure the problem.

    Source(s): 45 years as a licensed Canadian mechanic now retired
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    Frankly, I have a different opinion

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    Never thought too much about this

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