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my immigration petition of case i130 has been approved how much time approximately it will take?

we got choice of address and agent letter how much time will it take for visas to come??

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    The I-130 does not grant any status nor does it's approval provide any guarantee that a visa will be granted. All it does is prove that a relationship exists between the petitioner and the beneficiary.

    Since you have the Choice of Agent forms, I'm guessing you're going through the NVC, which means Consular Processing. There are quite a few steps for you to go through after this.

    Generally, the whole process takes approximately a year once a visa number is available.

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    Your I-130 has been approved for review. This does not mean that visas were approved. You will have interviews and more paperwork to fill out for either you and/or whoever petitioned for you. You will have about another 8 months to 1 year before visas will be approved, depending on what your classification is.

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    If he despatched interior the petition for you when you grew to become 18, it is going to take some years. If he utilized before you have been 18, it won't take greater advantageous than a pair of months for a determination

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    It all depends really on how many they have. generally it comes w/ in 3 to 6 weeks.

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