Saving Microsoft Access files?

Are Microsoft Access files something you cannot save as far as putting the file on a flash drive or a hard drive and trying to open it back up on a different computer? Please tell me it’s not true…

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It isn't true!

    Access files are no different than any other computer file. You can save it just like a Word or Excel file. (you do have to save the whole thing, if you want to "save" just a part, as a table, you have to export data, a different topic.)

    Go to file "save as" and give the file a meaningful name (otherwise it will be called something like db1, not too helpful). You can save it to your hard drive or a jump/flash/usb drive.

    If you saved it to a a hard drive it can can be moved to a flash drive, a CD/DVD or emailed, and it will work. One caution - the computer which is opening the file must have the same (or later) version of Access as the originating computer, otherwise it won't be able to open the file.

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