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is this a good longboard?

so im a college student and i have has the same skateboard for a while now and have never done anything to it. now i am at college and am needing a new board but i want to get a longboard this time. price is not a problem. im 5 feet 7 inch girl 130 pounds, whats a good length for me. i dont want a super long one!

i really like this board is it a good one??

The Drop Speed has been around for quite a while, after not being available for much of 2007, it gets some well deserved upgrades for 2008. The new shape provides more deck space, nice deep concave and a mirrored nose and tail for those of us who like to drift around corners backwards. The drop mount makes the board more stable than a standard top mount and the concave ensures it’s just as responsive.


Manufacturer: Land Yachtz

Deck Type: Maple Laminate

Trucks: Grizzly 8/52 Trucks, Randall 150, Soul Ryde or Paris 150

Wheels: 76mm Hawgs wheels, Kryptonic 76mm, Soul Dryde, Riviera wheels

Bearings: ABEC 7

Hardware: Standard Mounting Bolts and Griptape

Product #: LYDA

Buy Now

Retail: $250.00

Price: $232.00 (+$0.00 shipping)


any board recommendations would be nice! i like the shape of the one above

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    Hmmm I wouldn't probably buy this one. I skateboard a lot and have never even heard of any of the companies listed above, except Kryptonic, which I don't like much. Looks like generic ABEC 7 bearings, so if you do get it you're going to want to upgrade to Bones Reds or Bones Swiss. for around this price I'd get the Apex 37 longboard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UcEYYL9ppo

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    &feature=channel I don't have it, but it looks sick and I've heard good things about it on reviews and such. Good luck!

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    decide for a widespread...long boards are extra beneficial for purely using around, yet you re youthful, you have time to get into the tricks and stuff in the past you knees supply out or something. Plus, they do have an more suitable aesthetic high quality in terms of looking cool, exceedingly in case you're able to do even some tricks ;)

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