where to buy AA bras? (Australia)?

i live in australia and i need to know where to buy AA bra's. the only one's i've found are for younger girls and there is a very limited selection. I would also prefer stores as to websites. thanks!


please stop being so patronizing, i want to wear a bra because i dont want my boobs to look weird. and im no so conceited that i need an 'im hot and i know it' attitude, thanks.

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    Alright, since everyone else here so far is doing nothing but being d*cksucks, here are a few links to stores that specialize in A, AA, and AAA bras. I don't come from Australia, so I'm sorry I can't recommend any stores that might be local to you.




    Anyone who has even begun to develop and has nothing more than a raised nipple should be wearing at least a little something underneath. Why else would we have training bras for young girls? So they can grow out of the body size and just not wear one anymore? Kind of defeats the purpose of training bras, no? Logic, we clearly have it here at Yahoo Answers. -.-

    I'm not even saying this because I have a small chest, I'm a 28FF but well aware of the frustration that comes from both ends of the size spectrum. Not everyone is that "perfect" C cup!

    I have heard things about Australia having few options for A and AA sizes, so best of luck with finding something local! I know how it feels to have no stores to walk into- In the states a 30 is considered "training bra" and most salespeople look at me as though I'm crazy when I say I need a 28. And of course bigger than DD supposedly doesn't exist. If you can find a specialty lingerie store within a reasonable distance you can always have someone do custom work as well.

    Good luck.

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    Aa Bras Australia

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    What are your measurements, that would help. AA cup is not any greater desirable than a million/2 inch distinction between the bust length and the band length (be conscious it rather is not only the underbust length). you are able to desire to take 3 measurements: a million) degree around the rib cage below the bust 2) degree around the rib cage above the bust (below armpits) 3) degree around the fullest area of the bust (around the nipples) placed up the measurements, and that i will provide you a greater precise concept of your bra length, even however getting measured professionally is the terrific thank you to appreciate for specific. HTH : )

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    Honestly, if you have AA size breasts what the heck do you want to submit yourself to the torture of a brassier for???

    I have small b's and I never wear a bra - they are horribly uncomfortable, and I believe they make your boobs go saggy by allowing the tendons to atrophy from never having to hold the boob up on their own.

    You know what's hot on small chested women? Fitted t-shirts and going braless, and an "I'm hot and I know it" attitude.

    I suspect bras in anything smaller than a C, unless they are for jogging, are just the result of a conspiracy among bra manufacturers. HELLO, "training" bras for little girls?!? WTF??!!

    Just my two cents.

    Source(s): My uppity hot small titted self
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    would you even need a bra when there that small? o.O

    i mean..

    is that even nessesary?

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