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  • 1 decade ago
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    Look beyond for the first time in the iron pagoda of Tokyo

    The star seeing lights in imitation to sink into is only

    I finally arrive but sader

    A person completes our dreams

    You always say that time is still a lot of you can wait for me

    Before I didn't know not definitely to will have tomorrow hereafter

    Missing is the pain that will breathe to live in my body all corners

    The song that hums you to love will be painful to see your letter will be painful even the silence is also painful

    Regret is will the pain breathing flow in the blood to back and forth roll over

    Penitence isn't considerate will be painful and not understand you will painful wish to see can't see the most painful

    Have never seen your face up once made open a grief

    That is to grow how lonesome obstinate

    You dismantled a city wall to let me wander about

    It's binding to wait for me to chase I at first

    You didn't say that you will also is weak to need to rely on me

    My packing doesn't know free mbulation myself ground lead

    I swore to no longer tell a lie to love you more and then will embrace you much tight

    My smiles are all false the soul be like to float to float you at like

    I swear not to let your waiting accompany you to do to want to make it no matter what it is

    I am more more like shell afraid that the heart is touched by the person to touch you to come back that like

    Can do it again that like

    翻出來的 應該不會太怪~

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