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Find keywords, main ideas, definitions, facts, main concepts, supporting points, and answers to the questions you asked. There are many ways to do this.

You can write in the margins, take notes on index cards, draw pictures, and underline or highlight important material. Also make an out line as you read. Out lining helps you simplify and organize information. In addition, the physical process of writing and organizing material helps you remember it.





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    Find 動詞keywords名詞, main ideas名詞, definitions名詞, facts名詞, main concepts名詞, supporting points名詞, and answers 名詞(to the questions you asked).介系詞片語,you asked是形容詞子句修飾 questions , find前面沒有動詞是為 祈使句,主詞為you,所有的名詞由 and連接全為find 的受詞.

    There are many ways (to do this).不定詞片語,形容詞用修飾way

    You can write( in the margins)介系詞片語,副詞用,修飾write, take 動詞和write一致notes on index cards, draw動詞和wtite一致 pictures, and (underline or highlight) 動詞和write一致important material. 可以看出來由and連接一長串各自有動詞和受詞的句子

    Also副詞 make祈使句的動詞 an out line受詞 (as you read)as為副詞子句的連接詞.

    Out lining主詞 helps動詞 you受詞 (simplify and organize)help後面的動詞可以為原形 information為simplify and organize的受詞.

    In addition, the (physical process of writing and organizing material)由and連接兩個主詞 helps 動詞you受詞 remember第二個動詞為原形 it受詞.

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