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Gold,which has a density of 19.32 g/cm3,is the most ductile metal and can be pressed into a thin leaf or drawn out into a long fiber.

黃金,擁有密度19.32 g/cm3,是最韌性金屬材料,可壓成薄葉或抽出到長纖維。

(a)if a sample of gold,with a mass of 27.63g, is pressed into a leaf of 1.000 thickness,what is the area of the leaf?

(a) 如果樣本的黃金,以大規模27.63克,被壓入的1.000葉厚度,什麼是該面積的葉?

(b)if,instead,the gold is drawn out into a cylindrical fiber of radius 2.500 micrometer,what is the length of the fiber?


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    (a)、∵黃金體積=1/19.32 g/cm3*27.63g=27.63/19.32=1.430㎝3


    (b)、∵2.500 micrometer=0.00025㎝



              =7.285(10的6次方)㎝=72850 M

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